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Delta Newsletter

Delta NewsletterDelta Newsletter

Here are the most recent newsletters from Delta. We also have information on current Events and News.

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Newsletter - Wednesday, 07. February 2024

  • Delta ADS Webinar - Refresh & Connect: Short Survey
  • AMELIO Logic Discovery 2.5.0
  • Lecture at the 'Virtual User Group IMS' - Replacing IBM IMS/DB
  • Lecture at GSE zExpertenforum: AMELIO - The Software Washing Machine
  • Support Information: New Product Updates Available

Newsletter - Wednesday, 14. December 2023

  • Review: Webinar 'Replacing IBM IMS/DB' and exchange of experiences with Gothaer and Provinzial
  • 4 Important Steps for the Sustainable Software Modernisation
  • IT for Insurances Trade Fair Congress - We were there
  • New Delta Training Courses: Register Now
  • Season's Greetings from Delta Software Technology

Newsletter - Tuesday, 17. October 2023

  • Webinar IBM IMS/DB Replacement: Exchanging Experiences with Gothaer and Provinzial
  • Coming Soon: Delta ADS Generation for the Java Target System P3/COBOL
  • YOUPLUS Unifies its Development Environment and Updates Delta ADS
  • Support Information: New Product Updates Available
  • Software Reengineering & Evolution: Benefit from the Direct Exchange between Practice and Research

Newsletter - Thursday, 03. August 2023

  • Delta IDS - The Integrated Solution for the Efficient Development of Your Delta ADS Applications
  • Understanding Performance Problems with AMELIO Logic Discovery
  • Remove Your Technical Debts with AMELIO CleanUp
  • Legacy Systems in Flux - Automatic Migration?
  • Iceberg Ahead: Helmsman get us on Track

Newsletter - Thursday, 02. February 2023

  • Support information: New Product Versions available
  • Let's meet Delta
  • Iceberg Ahead: Hard to Port or Risk Minimization
  • New Delta Training Courses: Register Now
  • Our Highlights 2022

Newsletter - Wednesday, 03. November 2022

  • IMS Guide - GSE AK IMS System Administration
  • AMELIO Logic Discovery - Procedures and Functions in COBOL
  • AMELIO Modernization Platform slashes Risks and Costs for Modernization and Migration
  • Iceberg Ahead ...

Newsletter - Thursday, 11th August 2022

  • AMELIO Logic Discovery: Understanding COBOL and PL/I
  • Hunting the Technology Zoo
  • Delta ADS Plugin for Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 available
  • Iceberg ahead ...

Newsletter - Tuesday, 2nd May 2022

  • Provinzial realizes complete migration from IBM IMS/DB to IBM Db2 with Delta
  • 24th GI Workshop "Software-Reengineering & Evolution"
  • Support Information: New Product Version of Delta ADS available

Newsletter - Thursday, 31. March 2022

  • IMS Replacement at Gothaer: In Time – In Budget – In Scope
  • SVA Mainframe Dayz 2022
  • New: ADS on Eclipse Release 8
  • Support information: New Product Versions available
  • New Delta Training Courses: Register Now

Newsletter - Thursday, 16th December 2021

  • 45 Years Delta ADS
  • AMELIO Logic Discovery - 'Nicholas'-Release
  • SVA Mainframe Dayz 2021
  • The Best Environment for Your Application Development


Delta Newsletter

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