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Webinar: "Von IBM IMS/DB zu Db2" am 25.10.2023

You probably know all the good reasons to replace your IMS databases:

  • Reduction of cost and maintaining multiple database technologies
  • Lack of flexibility of IMS databases
  • Diminishing know-how and specialists
  • No successors available
  • Difficult connection with new technologies like Mobile Cloud etc.

The hurdles for replacing IMS-databases are huge and the applications are running smoothly. These, often mission critical, applications are big, complex and the documentation is in most cases not sufficient for the task ahead.

From hierarchical to relational - 100% automated

The aim is to convert the application to clean SQL, i.e. not to "translate" the IMS accesses to SQL at runtime using a proprietary intermediate layer. The customised, fully automated transformation with AMELIO Modernization Platform guarantees the consistent and audit-proof migration of your COBOL and PL/I applications.

How can you replace your IMS system safely and efficiently?

Delta Software Technology presented a reliable solution that gives you the following advantages:

  • You are supported in defining the new relational data model.
  • The transformation is carried out securely and completely automatically - with automatic integration of the changes from the parallel ongoing development.
  • The testing effort is drastically reduced thanks to the complete automation of all changes.
  • There is no footprint and no vendor lock-in.

Webinar 'IBM IMS/DB ablösen' sowie Erfahrungsaustausch mit Gothaer und Provinzial

Review of the Webinar

We were able to win Gothaer Solutions GmbH and Provinzial Versicherung AG for this webinar. The participants took the opportunity to ask their questions directly to the companies' experts who have already successfully replaced their IMS databases.

Dr. Daniela Schilling (CEO, Delta Software Technology GmbH) presented the Delta solution AMELIO:
"Automated and Secure Migration from IBM IMS/DB to Db2 with AMELIO Modernisation Platform"

In the subsequent discussion, experts from Gothaer and Provinzial were on hand to answer questions from the audience. They reported that production and development continued undisturbed and that the migration project ensures the maintainability and future viability of the systems. Processes have been standardised and, thanks to targeted and, of course, automatically implemented optimisation of the access logic, individual applications now run even more efficiently than with the hierarchical database system.

When asked what they would do differently next time, both customers agreed: less testing and no more manual migration! This would save them even more time, money and nerves, because Delta's automated solution simply works.

Webinar ansehen


Slides and Recording of the Webinar

You couldn't attend?
No problem: you can request the presentation slides and recording here.
(it will be in german - If you would like the presentation in english, please contact us by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.):

We would be happy to show you the possibilities that AMELIO Modernisation Platform offers you for your projects. We look forward to hearing from you.


Are you looking for further information?
Then you will find the relevant reports here:

Gothaer migrates its IBM IMS Databases to IBM Db2 together with Delta Software Technology

Gothaer Systems migriert zusammen mit Delta mehr als 400 IMS-Datenbanken zu Db2. Durch den Aufbau einer passgenauen Factory konnten notwendige Schritte zur Transformation automatisiert, gut kalkuliert und risikoarm durchgeführt werden.

„By migrating from IBM IMS/DB to IBM Db2 together with Delta, we have successfully mastered the next big step in the ‘Smarter Mainframe’ project.“
Burkhard Oppenberg, CIO, Gothaer

Read here the success story:

From IBM IMS/DB to Db2 - Provinzial realizes complete Migration

With the tools and services from Delta Software Technology, Provinzial Rheinland finished the complete application and data migration from IBM IMS/DB to IBM Db2, automated and securely, of over 75 IBM IMS databases and over 36,000 artefacts.

"The guaranteed operational “smoothness” in the project, despite the complex modernization, is certainly a unique feature of the solution.“
Stephan Kaiser, Program ‘sponsor’ Provinzial

Read here the success story:


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