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Existing IT applications are often a company's most valuable software assets, setting it apart from its competitors. One of today's greatest challenges is therefore to expand a company's technology base without having to give up decades of valuable development work.

So how do you bring your COBOL applications generated with Delta ADS into the modern world quickly and securely? It's simple! To make it easier for you to integrate your Delta ADS applications into your Java environment, Delta Software Technology made the Delta ADS development system available for the EasiRun P3/COBOL compiler.

Delta ADS for COBOL & PL/IDelta ADS for COBOL

Delta ADS for COBOL is one of the most successful development systems for operational backend applications in COBOL. The sophisticated and comprehensive generator technology enables the automated creation of platform-independent online and batch applications in COBOL. This automated generation of standardised, optimised and correct code

  • speeds up development by providing tools for recurring standard sequences in the program logic and for function types/groups,
  • ensures quality and drastically reduces the testing effort,
  • ensures vendor independence on the one hand by dispensing with interpretative runtime components and on the other hand by separating application logic and platform-specific implementation for operating systems, data storage systems and TP monitors.

Our customers have realised extremely large applications with Delta ADS: With hundreds of thousands of programs and billions of lines of code (LoC) generated. Development with Delta ADS is characterised by a high degree of abstraction and automation. It is stable, reliable and extraordinarily efficient.


P3/COBOL was developed for the transition from COBOL to Java. P3/COBOL is a system that is completely based on Java and compiles the COBOL applications into Java source code. No native C or C++ add-ons are required. P3/COBOL relies on pure Java functions for performance optimisation, so you don't have to leave the current JVM.

P3/COBOL is a proven technology that generates 100% Java code.

DDelta ADS - Generierung für P3/COBOLelta ADS for P3/COBOL

We developed Delta ADS for the new target system P3/COBOL in close cooperation with our partner EasiRun. This enables special optimisations of the code generation that take into account the specific features of the P3/COBOL compiler.

Delta ADS for P3/COBOL enables you to integrate your Delta ADS applications comfortably and securely into your Java runtime environment. These are the advantages for you:

  • You keep your efficient application development with Delta ADS while compiling the generated COBOL code to a Java source with P3/COBOL.
  • You quickly and safely bring your proven Delta ADS applications into your Java runtime environment.
  • You have the possibility to embed native Java code directly into the Delta ADS sources.
  • You benefit from a proven technology that creates 100% Java code.

Delta ADS for P3/COBOL offers you the highest level of security on your way to Java and supports you in quickly placing your applications in a modern world.

Integrate your Delta ADS applications easily into your Java environment

Do you also want to integrate your Delta ADS applications seamlessly and securely into your Java environment? We would be happy to take your requirements and wishes into account in our new solution. Please contact us directly!

E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone +49 2972 97190


EasiRun + Delta = A Successful Partnership

"The companies EasiRun and Delta have maintained a successful and project-proven partnership for many years and we are pleased to continue this partnership with the new project," says Dr. Daniela Schilling, CEO Delta Software Technology. Don Fitzgerald, CEO EasiRun Europe, confirms: "Delta convinces with the experience of more than 45 years and a multitude of successfully implemented modernisation projects."

EasiRunEasiRun is both a provider of tools and consulting services with a focus on application modernisation and transformation, as well as a solution provider in the areas of mainframe, Java, .NET and COBOL (Linux, UNIX, Windows) and cloud. The portfolio offers, among other things, Eclipse IDEs, COBOL transpilers, data storage and web browser solutions, analysis services as well as automation and integration for the individual needs of the customers.

Delta Software Technology GmbHDelta Software Technology offers tools and custom-fit solutions for

  • automated application generation for all platforms (OS, DBMS, TP monitor, compiler)
  • automated application analysis and knowledge discovery
  • automated clean-up to get rid of technical debts
  • automated application migration, transformation and modernisation

Large companies use Delta solutions to develop their proven individual IT applications securely and sustainably and make them fit for the future. They thereby reduce the costs and risks for the maintenance, modernisation and re-implementation of their applications and gain flexibility, freedom of decision and security.




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