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Delta NewsletterDear Reader,

Modernising legacy applications is once again a topic that is high on companies' agendas this year, and we are starting off with two exciting events:

The Virtual IMS User Group has invited us to present our approach to replacing the IBM IMS DB as part of their virtual meeting. We will present a solution that is also excellently suited for other modernisation tasks. Join us and ask us your questions.

At the GSE zExpert Forum, we will be presenting "AMELIO - The Software Washing Machine", a secure, reliable and agile method for cleaning up your applications, offering you the perfect preparation for your modernisation projects.

And we are currently preparing a special webinar particularly addressing our Delta ADS users. With "ADS - Refresh and Connect" we would like to introduce you to the innovations in ADS and modern development environments and to give you the opportunity to exchange ideas and connect with other ADS users. We would be delighted to receive your suggestions for topics for the webinar.

We also have a new release of AMELIO Logic Discovery and other product updates for you.

We hope you enjoy reading,

Your Delta Software Technology Team


Delta ADS for COBOL & PL/IDelta ADS Webinar - Refresh & Connect: Short Survey

Delta ADS has been the proven solution for the efficient development of operational backend applications in COBOL and PL/I for almost 50 years. And you too have been benefiting from its advantages for a long time. Even at 50, development and tools are still evolving. That is why we would like to inform you about all the new features and improvements in a free webinar and at the same time offer you the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences with other Delta ADS users. Would you be interested in participating in such a webinar? Which topics relating to development with Delta ADS and the possibilities of the integration into modern development environments such as Eclipse or Visual Studio with Delta IDS would be of particular interest to you?

We are planning the webinar for Q2/2024.

Please reply directly to us using the form below and decide which topics you would like us to cover:


AMELIO Logic Discovery: PeekWindowAMELIO Logic Discovery 2.5.0


AMELIO Logic Discovery 2.5.0: New Visibility for External Information

Only rarely is all the relevant information in a program bundled in one place. Much more frequently, it is distributed throughout the entire program or even stored in other artefacts. AMELIO Logic Discovery provides the knowledge gained with its profound analyses summarised thematically in various perspectives. With the new PeekWindows, it is now also possible to display information that is spread throughout the artefact or even comes from other artefacts.

Get the new AMELIO Release 2.5.0 now and benefit directly from the bundled presentation of all relevant information.


Virtual User Group IMSPresentation at the 'Virtual User Group IMS' - Replacing IBM IMS/DB

On February 13th, 2024 at the Virtual IMS (VIMS) User Group Meeting, we will present solutions for Replacing IBM IMS/DB - Fully Automated and with Highest Security that enable you to replace IBM IMS/DB in your company and securely modernize your business-critical backend applications.

IBM IMS/DB has been regarded as an absolutely reliable and high-performance database system for decades. Nevertheless, there are good reasons for replacing IMS/DB with a relational DBMS.

But how can such a paradigm shift succeed?

The hurdles are enormous: the applications are business-critical, large, complex and the documentation where available - is not suitable for the project. As these are large projects, the change should take place in parallel with ongoing maintenance and further development and must not disrupt daily business. In our presentation, we will show you how these hurdles can be successfully overcome by means of complete automation and audit-proven processes, with AMELIO.

Looking forward to seeing everyone! Register Here:


GSE zExpertenforumGSE zExpertenforum: Presentation of the Software Washing Machine AMELIO

COBOL- and PL/I-applications are still performing their tasks reliably. However, the longer these applications live, the more debris and technical debts accumulate in the applications, making their maintenance and further development increasingly difficult and error-prone. It also makes sense to clean up applications in the run-up to modernisation projects in order to prevent errors and minimise costs.

As a solution, we will present at the Swiss GSE z/OS zExpert Forum on 10 April 2024, how the software washing machine with AMELIO enables a secure and agile cleanup of your applications.

Further information can be found here. Register now:


Support Information: New Product Updates AvailableSupport Information: New Product Updates Available

We have released new versions for the following products:

  • Delta ADS for COBOL (6.6.4)
  • Generator Enginge for z/OS (6.6.4)
  • AMELIO Logic Discovery (2.5.0)

For more information about the new features and improvements, please see the respective release notes and reference books in the support area of our website.


Download Language: Englisch - Version: nl21024-01



  • Delta ADS Webinar - Refresh & Connect: Short Survey
  • AMELIO Logic Discovery 2.5.0
  • Presentation at the 'Virtual User Group IMS' - Replacing IBM IMS/DB
  • GSE zExpertenforum: Presentation of the Software Washing Machine AMELIO
  • Support Information: New Product Updates Available

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Delta ADS-Webinar - Refresh & Connect am 28.06.2024

Delta ADS-Webinar - Refresh & Connect


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