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Newsletter - Friday, 11th December 2015
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Dear Reader,

there is exciting news from the AMELIO family: In addition to "standard" legacy languages such as COBOL and PL/I, AMELIO Logic Discovery now as well analyses applications build by generator systems like Delta ADS.

Moreover, with such background of generator systems our newly paired couple AMELIO Logic Discovery for ADS and the Post-Generation Debugger proves all its strength: In parallel to the detection of application functionality, all the different correlations to the ADS elements used to generate the application are provided, too. All the information is available interactively.

Also EasiRun, our long-standing cooperation partner confides in our analysis tool: EasiRun Europe will act as a new distribution partner for AMELIO Logic Discovery; our cooperation will be further expanded.

Software Engineering as basis for innovation – at the Developer Day „Frankfurter Entwicklertag 2016“ you will get a sound impression of the way our modernisation tools automatically transform your legacy applications to establish a solid base for innovations again.

We hope you enjoy reading and look forward to your feedback. Your wishes and suggestions gladly will be considered.

We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2016.

Your Delta Software Technology Team

AMELIO Logic Discovery - Analysis for ADS Applications1. AMELIO Logic Discovery - Analysis for ADS Applications

It is difficult and expensive to understand large and complex applications. But real understanding of the applications is a decisive factor for many projects in the area of modernisation, outsourcing, re-implementation.

AMELIO Logic Discovery provides the necessary information for this purpose about the functionality and the architecture of the applications. The tool is available for the analysis of applications that have been developed with COBOL, PL/I or in a generative way with Delta ADS.

Find out which analyses AMELIO Logic Discovery provides to help you to better understand especially ADS generated applications...


Easier Understanding of ADS Applications2. Easier Understanding of ADS Applications

Now, it gets even easier to understand, maintain and modernise ADS applications: AMELIO Logic Discovery for ADS and the Post-Generation Debugger now go hand in hand. We coupled our two proven tools so that they enhance each other and you gain comprehensive synchronised analysis results.

You want to understand, maintain or modernise (outsourced) ADS applications? Then our new tool combination is the solution for you. Learn more about our new duo AMELIO Logic Discovery and the Post-Generation Debugger...


Delta and EasiRun intensify cooperation3. Delta and EasiRun intensify cooperation

Delta Software Technology and EasiRun Europa will closely work together to provide you with the best solutions for the modernisation of your COBOL applications.

We are pleased to announce that we have won EasiRun as new reseller for our tool addressing application analysis AMELIO Logic Discovery.


Developer Day 4. Developer Day "Frankfurter Entwicklertag 2016"

Legacy-Modernisation: more than saving costs

Many companies have developed their business critical core applications in the past decades using COBOL or PL/I. Maintenance and ongoing development have made them into large and complex applications. Although these applications implement much knowledge about business internal processes they are also often regarded as a burden.

At the Frankfurter Entwicklertag 2016 we will present how modernisation helps on the one hand to save costs and on the other hand transforms the application such that it supports a flexible and agile further development. Further details...




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