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Some time ago, we released Delta ADS 6 on PC as a new version of our proven generative development system for the application development on PC platforms. With this new Delta ADS, we offer many new functions that significantly improve the understanding of the applications and facilitate the development and maintenance of the extensive and complex COBOL and PL/I applications.

Many of our customers see the mainframe and the generative development of their important core applications with Delta ADS as a strategic part of their IT environment. This is why we are now making Delta ADS 6 available for mainframe environments as well.

The new Delta ADS 6 on Mainframe can be used stand-alone on the mainframe or together with Delta ADS 6 on PC.

ADS – Automatisierte Entwicklung für COBOL und PL/IDelta ADS 6 on Mainframe

With its new functions, Delta ADS 6 helps to develop, maintain and test the COBOL and PL/I applications generated with ADS and the application frameworks created with ADS MACRO even more efficiently:

  • ADS 6 improves the understanding of applications developed with ADS.
  • Language extensions for ADS MACRO simplify the development and maintenance of the application frameworks.
  • The Macro Optimizer makes existing macros easier to read and maintain. With its help, the new language extensions can be automatically applied to existing macros.
  • Various restrictions for variables, parameters and statements have been loosened or removed.
  • Support for new data types such as BLOB, CLOB, XML, etc.
  • And more ...

All these functions help to better understand the applications and to train and familiarise new colleagues faster.

The Best of Both Worlds: Delta ADS 6 on Mainframe combined with Delta ADS 6 on PC

Delta ADS 6 for the development on PC offers a number of additional functions that benefit in particular from the possibilities available on modern Microsoft Windows platforms. We offer Delta ADS 6 for the development under Eclipse, Micro Focus EDz, IBM IDz and Microsoft Visual Studio. The combined usage of Delta ADS 6 on Mainframe and Delta ADS 6 on PC offers you many advantages:

  • Load reduction for the mainframe environment with regard to development, generation and testing through cross-generation
  • The development process can be flexibly adapted while using the existing infrastructure and integrating the source management systems.
  • Development, code generation and testing can be executed on PC as well as on mainframe.
  • The modules are identical and therefore arbitrarily interchangeable between the environments.
  • The Post-generation Debugger simplifies the understanding and testing of the generation process.
  • Discovery and application mining for ADS applications help to (re-)document the applications and provide reliable information for the evaluation of the applications.
  • And more ...

Now that Delta ADS 6 is available in both worlds, development, generation and testing can be transferred to the PC on demand without any loss of functionality and security.


Delta ADS 6 on Mainframe is currently undergoing pre-release testing at customer sites.
At the end of 2019, Delta ADS 6 for COBOL will be released for IBM z/OS. This will be followed by versions for the other systems.

The response from our customers has been very positive. We are convinced that the new functions of Delta ADS 6 on Mainframe offer you many advantages.

The new ADS 6 enables us to improve the efficiency and quality of our software development and maintenance once again. For example, the new functions for the detailed documentation and description of the generation process help us to make changes and enhancements to our extensive, complex applications safely and quickly.
(Oswald Klackl, Head of Architecture & Quality Management, B+S Banksysteme, Austria)

Automatically optimized macros with new syntax, identifiers, indentation
Automatically optimized macros with new syntax, identifiers, indentation

Develop More Efficiently and Better Understand Your Applications

Request more information now to update your ADS development system.


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