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amelio-mp.pngChanges across all existing applications belong to the permanent tasks of the IT departments in large enterprises. They are initiated by new IT strategies, changed business processes, legal regulations which must be met by given deadlines, and the like. If thousands of modules of the productive application systems have to be changed, the answers to the following questions are essential:

  • How can you ensure the consistency and quality of the changes?
  • How do you avoid blocking other projects by the changes?
  • How do you integrate the changes from other projects into the mass changes?
  • How do you guarantee the security and stability of the productive systems?
  • How do you get the expenditure under control as well as the costs and the temporal organisation for testing?

AMELIO Modernization Platform drastically reduces the risks and costs of platform changes, application modernisations and database migrations because AMELIO completely automates the changes.

100% Automation with AMELIO Modernization Platform

amelio_factory.jpgAMELIO Modernization Platform is a perfectly tailored factory that completely automates extensive and complex changes of large applications – 100%.

  • AMELIO changes the code consistently, reproducibly and absolutely error-free.
  • AMELIO documents all decisions and changes audit proven.
  • AMELIO supplies easily maintainable code for the further development.
  • AMELIO enormously reduces the test expenditure.

The capabilities and the efficiency of AMELIO open up absolutely new possibilities for planning and conducting large projects.

  • Project strategies can be verified with the entire volume.
  • Other projects are not blocked.
  • Transformation schedules can be selected at will, freeze periods are extremely short.

These are only a few of the advantages that AMELIO offers.
You can learn more about the AMELIO Modernization Platform on our Web site.

Latest Projects with AMELIO

IMS Replacement: In Time – In Budget – In ScopeIMS Replacement at Gothaer: In Time – In Budget – In Scope

Gothaer Systems migrates its IBM IMS Databases to IBM Db2 together with Delta Software Technology.

Automatically migrating from IBM IMS/DB to IBM Db2 was Gothaer Systems' task. The goal of operating only one database system on the mainframe brought Gothaer Systems and Delta Software Technology together. Delta offered the solution of know-how, suitable tools and services for this task. By building a tailor-made factory with the AMELIO Modernization Platform, the necessary steps for the transformation could be implemented automated, well calculated and at low risk.

“By migrating from IBM IMS/DB to IBM Db2 together with Delta, we have successfully mastered the next big step in the ‘Smarter Mainframe’ project.”
Burkhard Oppenberg, CIO, Gothaer Systems

Read here the Success-Story:


Provinzial realizes complete migration from IBM IMS/DB to IBM Db2 with DeltaProvinzial realizes complete migration from IBM IMS/DB to IBM Db2 with Delta

With the tools and services from Delta Software Technology, Provinzial Rheinland finished the complete application and data migration from IBM IMS/DB to IBM Db2, automated and securely, of over 75 IBM IMS databases and over 36,000 artefacts.

Due to the volume of the Provinzial application systems, the amount and complexity of the required changes, the tight schedule as well as their experiences with the manual conversion of some programs and databases, Provinzial decided on a tailor-made and fully automated solution with the tools from Delta Software Technology.

Read here the Success-Story:



AMELIO Modernization PlatformRDW Removes Technical Debts using Delta’s Automated Solution

Existing applications have accumulated a lot of technical debt over the years. Removing it could speed up maintenance significantly. In reality the task of improve the software by removing the obsolete parts is seldom performed. The risk of introducing errors and the cost of testing is the biggest reason for not doing anything.

RDW has been able to take up the task of removing technical debt in a secure manner. Delta’s AMELIO Modernization Platform plays a key role in this endeavour.

You can find out more about the project here:


Large Financial Service Provider Succeeds in Secure Platform Change with AMELIO Modernization PlatformLarge Financial Service Provider Succeeds in Secure Platform Change with AMELIO

Away from the Mainframe at the Push of a Button: Delta’s AMELIO Modernization Platform Enables Large Building Society to Replace Platforms Securely

A leading building society consolidates its platforms and has therefore replaced their IBM mainframe with Red Hat Linux. The migration of the central, strongly interconnected applications, however, involved particular risks, e.g., due to parallel changes and further development. Also, the performance in the new environment was a major concern. With the AMELIO tools from Delta Software Technology, this company successfully migrated its highly critical core application.

The project management particularly praised the good cooperation with the manufacturer. Delta offered the project at a fixed price and was nevertheless very flexible in responding to special requests. Due to the good cooperation with Delta, the transformed application exactly meets the company's requirements.

You can find out more about the project here:


You Would Like to Know More?

Please get in touch if you would like to know more about how the AMELIO Modernization Platform can help you to conduct changes to your applications securely, reliably, error-free and 100% automated. If you have large legacy applications in your organisation you certainly show know about the possibilities with AMELIO.

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