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AMELIO CleanUp FactoryCleanUp your COBOL, PL/I and Delta ADS Applications

Flexibility and fast adaptability of core applications are prerequisites for an optimal software support of business processes. COBOL, Delta ADS and PL/I applications have grown over decades, they have been extended and adapted to new requirements. This has reduced the maintainability of the applications and has significantly hindered their further development.

With the AMELIO CleanUp by Delta Software Technology you can quickly and securely clean up your COBOL and PL/I as well as Delta ADS applications and thus regain the flexibility and adaptability of your core applications.

  • AMELIO CleanUp analyses the entire source code automatically.
  • Dead code sequences, from data elements to single statements up to entire code blocks, are detected and securely removed.
  • Different syntax variants can be reduced to one standard, e.g. from COBOL’74 to COBOL’85.
  • If the code to be cleaned up is derived from a copybook, an include or a macro, all impacts and dependencies are verified and the modules are cleaned up consistently.
  • By using the Pretty-Print function the layout of the application can be re-formatted and the improved readability can be achieved.
  • Every change that is implemented by the factory is documented in an audit-proof way, as special marking in the code and/or as additional documentation that contains a detailed list of the lines that have been removed or modified in which module and why.
  • The clean-up of the application can be performed cluster-wise or for the entire source code.
  • The maintenance and further development of the application can be continued without any obstruction while the CleanUp takes place.

Additional options

But with the AMELIO CleanUp not only standard clean ups can be performed. The factory can be precisely tailored to the customer’s requirements. In this way, the read- and maintainability of the application can be improved through individual options, like:

  • Name changes of sections, paragraphs, data elements
  • Uniform implementation of company policies
  • Replacement of (business-specific) code smells
  • Replacement of third-party tools such as the decision table generator VORELLE by Evaluates, DETAB etc.

CleanUp your Application with AMELIO CeanUp...


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