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RDWIn the extensive modernisation project of RDW ICT described below, our solutions and products have impressively demonstrated that they successfully solve extensive and complex tasks by their methodical basis and extraordinary high degree of automation.

We are particularly proud of the statement by Gerard Doll, Director ICT, RDW regarding the successful co-operation with RDW ICT:

"Working with the people from Delta proved to be a very good choice. They delivered when other companies couldn’t. From RDW’s point of view Delta is a highly dedicated company with an even higher level of expertise. All the people from Delta we met have this dedication and expertise. And as a bonus: they are also very nice people to work with.
We have done business with a lot of companies but this is the first time I can, without holding back, truly recommend one: Delta has proven that it is a reliable and trustworthy partner."
Gerard Doll, Manager ICT, RDW, The Netherlands

About RDW

RDWRDW ICT is the independent IT service provider of the national vehicle authority of The Netherlands. Their main tasks include the management of the information on more than 7 million vehicles, registrations and drivers’ licenses. RDW is also responsible for technical standards, vehicle approval, vehicle inspections, market authorisation of vehicles, information services for the police as well as for the safety and environmental monitoring - in total more than 300 million transactions annually.

Secure Modernisation: Step-by-step with Early Results

RDW repeatedly has been awarded as the best and most innovative government organization, for best management and best annual results. Security and quality of the products and methods have topmost priority for RDW ICT due to the required high availability of the sensitive applications.

RDW ICT secure their extensive IT investments by a step-by-step modernisation. The tools from Delta Software Technology ensure quality, security and reduce costs in the individual projects.

1st Step: Modernising the Development Processes and Environment


  • Efficient organisation of the cross-platform development and maintenance
    1. Secure and performant implementation of all development and change processes integrated by all platforms
    2. Complete support of the complex in-house development processes including the implementation of the custom development standards based on ITIL and RDW’s corporate IT Governance strategy
  • Transfer of the development from mainframe to Microsoft Windows
    1. Modern integrated PC-based environment for the multi-platform development
    2. Integrate all development tools and multi-platform processes in a controlled environment
    3. Laid the foundation for the future modernisation of the IT

Product: SCOUT² Development Platform

Read more about the re-engineering of the development environment at RDW.

2nd Step: Platform Independence and Extensive Architecture Transformation of the Applications


  • Preparation for a platform change at the push of a button
    1. Completely and automatically removing all platform dependencies in more than 11,000 software components
    2. Flexibility at the migration concerning system selection, date and organisation
  • Fully automated application transformation
    1. Modern and flexible application architecture
    2. Clear and easy maintainable layer architecture of the applications, the data accesses embedded in the programs have been transferred to performant external data servers
  • Automatic generation of 3,200 high-performance data services
  • Slashing testing efforts

Product: AMELIO Modernization Platform

Here you will get a short overview of the application modernisation at RDW.

Download Language: Englisch - Version: MT21045.02


"AMELIO Modernization Platform is the reliable solution for the systematic modernisation of our complex applications – 100% automated, tailor‐made and generative. Using AMELIO we were able to accomplish this demanding large project faster and with less resource."
Carine Joosse, ICT Manager Projects, RDW, The Netherlands

 Read more


For further information see the detailed project report:

Download Language: Englisch - Version: MT21053.01


Modernisation of the mainframe applications in order to reduce platform costs, gain platform independence and modernise the application architecture to prepare future development.

 Read more


3rd Step: Platform Change from Mainframe to Microsoft Windows


  • Reducing the platform costs by a migration from UNISYS OS 2200 to Microsoft Windows
  • Error-free migration of the meanwhile platform-independent applications by simple re-generation with ADS for the new platform: Fujitsu NetCOBOL for .NET on Microsoft Windows
  • Secure multi-step DB migration from UNISYS RDMS RSA to Microsoft SQL Server

Products: SCORE Data Architecture Integration, ADS Legacy Platform Development

The following interview with RDW shows the project from the customer's point of view. 

Download Language: Englisch - Version: MT21060.01


SCORE Data Architecture Integration has played an important role in RDW’s platform migration from Unisys OS 2200 to Microsoft Windows. The original application consisted of a one-tier architecture accessing the RDMS database via RSA CALL interface.

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Further Information

All our solutions are designed to perform changes securely and smoothly. We are specialists for software tools that completely automate technical tasks.

Our solutions are flexible and individually adaptable. They help you with

Further information on the products successfully used at RDW can be found here

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