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"In a proof of concept Delta exemplarily analysed selected PL/I applications from LVM with AMELIO Logic Discovery. The analyses were performed automatically, completely, quickly and reliably. Within the restricted timeframe the presented results could only be achieved by using a powerful automatic support."
Peter Nübel, Bereichsleiter Vertragssysteme-II

Over several years LVM developed its business critical core-applications with PL/I. This resulted in large, complex and powerful systems which are customized to the specific needs of the users. They  contain a lot of expertise on the internal processes.

During the regular maintenance these applications have to be adapted to new requirements again and again, e.g. due to legislative changes. This can result in significant modifications, restructurings and even architectural changes. At the same time LVM aims to re-implement parts of the application in JAVA.

Modernization projects like this need to overcome particular obstacles: on the one hand in many cases the original developers are not available any longer. Instead, the applications are maintained by their heirs who however do not know the reasons for formerly made implementation decisions. On the other hand the available documentation targets to support the maintenance. But this documentation does not contain the information needed for modernization and re-implementation purposes.

Thus, the only reliable source for information is the source code itself.

But how can the knowledge required for the modernization be transferred or even rediscovered if necessary?

LVM knew that its developers need a tool which reliably analyse the PL/I applications and thereby ensures that the implemented functional range is completely recorded, no special case is left out and the results are presented in a language independent way.

For this reason LVM decided to perform a proof of concept to evaluate the capability of AMELIO Logic Discovery for PL/I.

AMELIO Logic DiscoveryAMELIO Logic Discovery for PL/I

AMELIO Logic Discovery reliably and efficiently analyses large and complex PL/I applications and helps developers to understand their systems.

AMELIO Logic Discovery for PL/I ...

  • ... derives knowledge about the functionality of the application from the implementation details,
  • ... separates the application logic from the technical infrastructure,
  • ... analyses not only individual objects but also considers the relations between the programs,
  • ... works model-oriented and provides the analysis results as language-neutral documentation,
  • ... is configurable and can be perfectly tailored to the requirements of a (modernization) project.

For further details have a look at our Flyer "AMELIO Logic Discovery for PL/I".

PoC successfully finished

LVM has chosen some exemplary sources for the PoC. These were analysed by AMELIO Logic Discovery and the results were handed over to LVM.

The developers showed a big interest: during the three month duration of the study they lively discussed the results within the LVM internal forum. Feedback was given especially from those developers who have to re-implement parts of the PL/I application in JAVA.

During the PoC LVM was also able to gain a positive image of the cooperation with Delta. Enhancement requests of participating developers were accepted and implemented partially even during the PoC.

In a concluding workshop the PoC results were discussed. All participants have a positive view of the PoC. LVM plans to use AMELIO Logic Discovery in projects which aim at re-writing parts of the application in JAVA.

"The analysis results provided by AMELIO Logic Discovery and their presentation, even the complex ones, are noteworthy."
Klaus Schulze, System Architect

LVM VersicherungThe LVM Versicherung (LVM insurance) in Münster, Germany, has developed its business-critical applications in PL/I and was looking for a solution for deep source code analyses to support the further maintenance and modernization.

On the basis of exemplary applications from LVM, we have presented the goals and concepts of AMELIO Logic Discovery. The analyses shown and their presentation have convinced LVM. That is why LVM has now decided to evaluate the functionality and performance of AMELIO Logic Discovery even more detailed as part of a Proof of Concept.

Convice yourself

Do you also have business-critical core applications in PL/I and are you looking for a way to analyse them fully automated and reliable? Please get in touch with us. We would be pleased to demonstrate the capabilities of AMELIO Logic Discovery on the basis of your examples.

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