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SCORE Adaptive Bridges

SCORE Adaptive Bridges

SCORESCORE Adaptive Bridges is a generative tool that flexibly connects application components together – also and in particular, those that have been developed with different languages and technologies as well as for various platforms. SCORE Adaptive Bridges provides the necessary bridges through the automated implementation of powerful interfaces and solves automatically all the differences between the various languages, platforms and implementation technologies of large application systems.
Due to its high flexibility and the wide range of available versions for platforms and languages SCORE Adaptive Bridges is used for a number of tasks:

  • Application integration: Harmoniously combine old, new and different components in a simple way using tailored interfaces, i.e. application components that have been developed with different languages, architectures, development paradigms and for different platforms.
  • SOA: Extensive support for the development of services and the reuse of (parts of) existing applications and functionality as services within service-oriented architectures.
  • Gradual modernization: By generating adaptive connections SCORE Adaptive Bridges enables a gradual and therefore very safe approach to modernization. No Big Bang: Applications can be decoupled and are gradually modernized. Gradual approach minimizes the risk and enables the use of new technologies.

SCORE Adaptive Bridges reduces the effort for all these tasks. The development automation and generation of precisely fitting connections opens up new possibilities for the organization of projects like these and reduces the risk that arises from the changes for productive applications.

How SCORE Adaptive Bridges simplifies your application integration

In the Application Integration developers fight repeatedly with two basic problems:

  • How to integrate components that have been developed with different technologies?
  • How to deal with interface changes?

SCORE Adaptive Bridges automatically generates all that is necessary for the integration of application components, including the entire interface management. It generates tailored connextions which automatically bridge the gap between different languages, architectures, development paradigms and platforms.

The solution: SCORE Adaptive Bridges generates the individual elements - the bridge ends - in exactly the technology and language that is used for each side, e.g. COBOL for the back-end side and JAVA for the front-end platform. The generated code is readable and maintainable - as if programmed by the best developers.

And if something changes? SCORE Adaptive Bridges recognizes the impact of changes. Impact and dependency analysis as well as the interfaces versioning ensures safety during the lifetime of the applications.

In this way application integration becomes easy.

SCORE Adaptive Bridges suppors the development of a SOA

Services don't just pop out of thin air! Building a SOA is complicated by the existing mix of old and new technologies, application architectures and programming languages. The crucial problem is the lack of adaptivity - This applies not only to the legacy systems, but unfortunately also to the new applications that are now being developed with the latest cutting-edge technologies. Different architectures, development paradigms, languages and platforms have to be connected:




Business processes


Database transactions

Loose coupling


Tight coupling

Stateless consumer


Stateful provider




Generating is better than programming - SCORE Adaptive Bridges delivers easy and efficient Service EnablementIntelligent Service Enablement

With SCORE Adaptive Bridges you will develop adaptive services and flexible interfaces. Instead of an inflexible central broker, SCORE Adaptive Bridges generates Model Oriented adapters; precisely, flexible and performing. The Adaptive Services and generated adapters always guarantee the necessary flexibility, performance and adaptability, which facilitate the modernization, integration and re-deployment.

For example: Services from COBOL applications

And that is only one example: Likewise it is possible to create flexible services from application components that were developed with other languages.

SCORE Adaptive Bridges supports modernizing your applications

Changes in productive applications are risky. Often the modernization or new implementation is not started because the risk of a big bang approach.

Its flexibility allows SCORE Adaptive Bridges to carry out modernization and re-implementations gradually. Individual parts or layers of the applications can be modernized separately. SCORE Adaptive Bridges generates the necessary connections. Changes to the components and interfaces can easily be implemented and the impact and dependency analysis plus the interface versioning you control the impact. How such a comprehensive modernization can be performed is described in our report on RDW.

In this way, changes and modernization of business-critical applications can be carried out safely. The automated implementation of interfaces allows a safe gradual approach to modernization. The applications are decoupled and gradually modernized. This gradual approach will not only provide safety, but also allows you to integrate with new technologies.

SCORE Adaptive Bridges – The Functionality

Information to the functionality of SCORE Adaptive Bridges is available on the following page: SCORE Adaptive Bridges – Product Functionality

SCORE Adaptive Bridges Supported Platforms

SCORE Adaptive Bridges supports almost any combination of languages, architectures and platforms. The document about supported platforms in SCORE Adaptive Bridges provides an initial overview.

References: What our customers say about SCORE Adaptive Bridges

"Our experience with SCORE Adaptive Bridges in the prototype and pilot phase were confirmed when we scaled to the actual project size - 60 developers, 30.000 modules and 12.000.000 lines of code."
Robert Koch, CIO, Suva, Switzerland

"We have generated services for various middleware and platform combinations – SCORE has solved these issues easily. For this project we used a very tight schedule. We were impressed, that we have achieved through the use of SCORE continuous improvement in productivity by 400% to 600%."
Thomas Müller, Manager Anwendungsarchitektur und Methoden, Suva, Switzerland

"The platform independence of the services makes infrastructure decisions much easier: from the once created model, we can produce adapters for every environment and every middleware "at the push of a button."
Dr. Eckhard Otto, CIO SCHORCH, Germany

Want to modernize, integrate and gradually replace applications?

The increasing development speed of business processes, the scale and complexity of existing core applications and the demands on safety and quality require maximum flexibility in the development of services and automation in the manufacturing of connectivity.

The adaptively of the connection is essential, considering that the integration / connection is not a one off, but a continuous process. Each element within the overall application portfolio has its individual pace of change, its own development and maintenance schedules and its specific technology adaptation cycle.

If you ask yourself one of the following questions, you should talk to us about possible solutions.

  • Reuse – How can I use my existing applications to provide new features faster?
  • Modernization – How can I modernize my applications securely and replace old ones gradually?
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) – How can I bring these different technologies under one roof?
  • Mobile applications – Are we able to offer existing functionality as a mobile application if the user-interaction model is completely different from the back-end application?
  • Application islands – Can I provide a consistent architecture for the integration of application Islands that have arisen over time or through mergers and acquisitions?
  • SOA – How can I provide efficient, safe and reliable services by using my existing applications and data storage systems?
  • Cloud – How can I move parts of my applications to the cloud and connect via secure interfaces with our on-premise applications?
  • Diversity – How can I make maximum use of the experience of the developers and make the most of the technologies used?

Talk to us about your requirements.

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