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Replacing and understanding Fujitsu BS2000/OSD Mainframes

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SCORE meets Fujitsu BS2000/OSD Mainframes

Fujitsu-Siemens BS2000/OSD MainframesThis section helps you to learn about the way SCORE Adaptive Bridges generates server-side code to implement adaptive services for business-critical applications on Fujitsu BS2000/OSD business servers.

SCORE Adaptive Bridges platform support changes over time so your specific infrastructure products may not be included below. Please contact your local sales organization to discuss your specific requirements.

Application Reuse

SCORE Adaptive Bridges enables your existing BS2000/OSD applications and databases to participate, unchanged, as adaptive services in a flexible service-oriented architeture.

Adaptive services are generated as a series of layers. In this section we focus on how the server-side layers are supported on the BS2000/OSD platform.

20 Years BS2000

Delta has supported the BS2000/OSD platform since the mid 1980s with the Delta ADS and Delta/DBI COBOL code generators. Delta leverages this experience in the design, implementation and testing of SCORE Integration Suite for the BS2000/OSD platform.


SCORE Adaptive Bridges generates adaptive services in COBOL2000 for BS2000/OSD running on the S model (/390 CMOS), SR model (MIPS RISC CMOS) and the SX model (SPARC64) series. There are no specific hardware or operating system requirements.


The SX model series supports BS2000/OSD and Solaris running in parallel. SCORE Adaptive Bridges is also available for Solaris. Please refer to "Supported Platforms" for more information on support for Solaris and other UNIX platforms.


Adaptive services connect to the outside world through openUTM, communicating with openUTM-Clients using the CPI-C interface and UPIC transaction protocol. The performance, fault-tolerance and system management features of openNET Server are fully supported.

openUTM Support

SCORE Adaptive Bridges allows you to quickly and simply reuse openUTM dialog-steps to create adaptive services. Dialog-step sub-programs are directly invoked using the KDCS interface from the generated application adapter. This links a KDCROOT driver with the appropriate dialog-step sub-program and any resource managers to build a standard BS2000/OSD openUTM application.

Database Support

A major benefit of SCORE Adaptive Bridges is managed access to your existing BS2000/OSD Oracle database, SESAM/SQL-Server database and LEASY transactional indexed file system, without modifying existing applications or writing complicated data-access routines.

You define the logical data access you need and SCORE Adaptive Bridges then generates a complete data access server to meet your specific requirements.

The data access server is a complete COBOL2000 application program that integrates seamlessly with your adaptive services. Fully documented native code enables easy inspection and use of your audit, security and monitoring tools.

Integration with the hybrid CODASYL/Relational database UDS/SQL is available on a project-specific basis. Please contact your local sales organization to discuss your specific requirements.

Transaction Integrity

Adaptive services fully support the distributed integrity functions of BS2000/OSD and openUTM. Your logical transaction boundaries are defined within SCORE Adaptive Bridges and the appropriate transactional logic is generated into the technology adapter, application adapter and data access server.

Client Support

Once you have defined your adaptive services as platform independent models you can generate for any of the client technologies that are available with SCORE Adaptive Bridges – Java, J2EE EJB, C#, C++, ActiveX, COBOL, Web services platforms and many others.

For example – your existing application can be accessed from a Java client on Microsoft Windows, a J2EE EJB server on Solaris, or even the openSEAS BeanTransactions J2EE EJB environment running on BS2000/OSD.

SCORE Adaptive Bridges generates all of the platform specific code, making full use of the unique features supported by each client platform and technology. Your adaptive services are always defined fully independently of the client technology. A new client platform is only a click away.


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