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Our training courses and workshop help you to use Delta’s tools efficiently and to optimise the development of your applications.

  • You will quickly be familiarised with the products, solutions and technologies – taking into account your key areas of application.
  • Our training courses are practice-oriented: The participants receive comprehensive information on the methodological background as well as on the use of techniques and tools and they practice with typical tasks.
  • We adapt the trainings, workshops and seminar to your needs regarding the Delta tools that you use and your specific training requirements.
  • All trainings can be performed at our premises as well as in-house at your site.

Delta TrainingStandard Courses and Workshops

Delta has trained more than 10,000 professional developers in the use of Delta products. Training is available in a range of forms that can be tailored to best meet your specific needs.

Our standard product courses are generally held in our offices in Schmallenberg, Germany. They also can be presented on-site, which is often a cost-effective solution when multiple team members need to be trained.

A workshop unites information exchange and training. It is well suited to meeting concrete needs in a specific project situation. The workshops are notable for the intensive support of the workshop leader who is able to react to project specific question and scenarios.

We offer standard training courses and workshops for the following areas:

  • ADS for COBOL and PL/I – The proven application development system for the platform-independent development of future-proof back-end applications.
    • ADS Basics – This course provides in-depth knowledge about the methods and concepts of the generative technology of ADS and introduces the participants to the automated application development with the tools of ADS.
    • ADS for Administrators – This course is intended for IT staff who coordinate the use of ADS tools, develop and implement programming guidelines, or require knowledge for the development of application frameworks.
    • ADS Refresh – This course is for all developers who already know ADS. It is refreshing, deepening and updating the existing knowledge. ** NEW **
    • ADS on Eclipse – This course introduces ADS developers to working in a modern Eclipse environment with seamlessly integrated ADS tools. ** NEW **
    • ADS - What's new? – This course will introduce the participants to the possibilities of the current release of ADS, and shows how to make the development and maintenance of ADS applications more secure and efficient. ** NEW **
    • Delta DETAB - This course teaches the principle of the decision table technique and the use of the decision table generator DETAB.
  • AMELIO Logic Discovery – The innovative analysis tool that helps you to better understand your COBOL, PL/I and ADS applications and to enhance the efficiency and security for the further development, maintenance and modernisation.

Individual Training

We also offer specific customised training courses and workshops that go beyond our standard syllabus and will meet your specific technology and business goals. Custom training courses are a proven way of quickly training your staff in new products and technologies and giving them the specific knowledge and skills they need to start being effective from day one.

We are happy to work with you to analyse, design and plan your specific training requirements.
Please contact us via your local sales contact or send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Delta ADS-Webinar - Refresh & Connect am 28.06.2024

Delta ADS-Webinar - Refresh & Connect


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