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Same Development Environment for Different Programming Languages

The Bedag Informatik AG modernises its development environment and combines the development in C# and Delta ADS in a .NET framework under Microsoft Visual Studio.

A uniform process control and development environment for the different programming languages is the goal of many enterprises. Bedag Informatik AG (Bedag) has mastered this step, it unifies its development processes and thus ensures a more efficient and future-proof application development.

(Further) Development of Viacar

Bedag develops and maintains the Viacar application with the solutions from Delta Software Technology GmbH (Delta) for many years. Many business cases as well as different canton-specific requirements were developed and generated Viacar-wide with Delta ADS.

New parts of the application are developed in C# for .NET by using Microsoft Visual Studio. In order to avoid unnecessarily different processes and development environments, Bedag had the requirement to standardise its development of C# and Delta COBOL in one development environment.

ADS on Visual StudioIntroduction of Delta ADS on Visual Studio

For this purpose Delta provided the plugin “Delta ADS on Visual Studio”. After a successful test, Bedag opted for the use of the Delta ADS plugin under Visual Studio. Delta ADS programs can now be maintained directly in Visual Studio and the corresponding COBOL code is generated. In this way, control processes could be unified and coordinated.

By using a unique development environment as well as the seamless integration of the Delta ADS plugin, Bedag's developers do not have to switch between the development environments anymore. The provision of this uniform and modern user interface allows the efficient and future-proof development of the application.

Bedag Informatik AGAbout Bedag Informatik AG

With a revenue of more than CHF 100 million, Bedag is a leading Swiss IT service provider. Its 400 staff, including 27 trainees, ensure broad and sound IT expertise. Bedag’s core business is the development, maintenance and running of critical business IT solutions, and the company thereby guarantees economical and problem-free IT operations for its customers. Bedag has a strong regional presence, with a network of highly secure data centers, as well as sites in Berne, Aarau, Delémont, Geneva, Lausanne and Wettingen. Its customers are mainly public authorities and organisations, companies in the health and insurance sectors and UN organisations. Bedag was founded in 1990 and is owned by the Canton of Berne.

Viacar: The application for the Swiss Traffic Office

Viacar is a software system for traffic offices and is currently used by the six cantons Aargau, Luzern, Schaffhausen, Waadt, Zug and Zürich. The cantons manage therewith about 900 users and approx. 2.5 million vehicles and ships. At the Aarau location, Bedag and its team ensure the maintenance and further development of Viacar.

Go the way, too

If you want to standardise your development environment and processes under Visual Studio, we provide a trial version of the Delta ADS plugin.

If you don’t use Visual Studio, we also provide plugins for Eclipse as well as for IBM RDz, Micro Focus EDz, Compuware Topaz and other Eclipse-based development environments.
We would like to discuss with you the possibilities to optimize your development with Delta ADS.

Please get in touch with us.

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The Bedag Informatik AG modernises its development environment and combines the development in C# and Delta ADS in a .NET framework under Microsoft Visual Studio.

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