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Newsletter - Tuesday, 22th September 2015
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Dear Delta Interessent,

Modernisation, on-going maintenance, integration, migration, ... The list of projects requiring an in-depth knowledge of the legacy applications seems to grow endlessly. But: How to obtain the necessary and reliable information about the actual implementation?

The LVM Versicherung has put our solution to the acid test. Following their invitation, we will present our solution at the GSE event "Application Development Languages".

New analysis features in AMELIO Logic Discovery help you to identify logical structures and connections in complex COBOL applications.

In addition, we like to invite you to exchange your experiences with other – on our newly initiated Delta groups on LinkedIn and XING.

Have fun reading.

Your Delta Software Technology Team

GSE Guide Share Europe1. GSE Working Group "Application Development Languages"

Modernising large and complex PLI/I applications is a tuff business.

How do you obtain reliable information on the current implementation? How do you get a clear view on the code structures? How do you identify code that’s no longer necessary? How do you distinguish framework coding form business logic?

We will address these and further issues at the GSE Working Group "AADLD - Application Languages" additionally we will show how we implemented them in our tool AMELIO Logic Discovery.


LVM Insurance2. AMELIO Logic Discovery for PL/I convinces LVM

Many companies have developed their business critical core applications with PL/I. Over the years these application have grown and they became more and more complex. Nevertheless it is expected that they can be adapted to new requirements quickly and safely and that parts of the functionality can be re-implemented in other languages like JAVA.

To solve such maintenance and modernisation tasks it is essential to understand what an application does, how the application works and how the individual programs of the application are interconnected.

LVM Versicherung evaluated the capability of AMELIO Logic Discovery to deeply analyse their PL/I applications within a proof of concept. Read what they have found:


Procedures and Functions - AMELIO Logic Discovery for COBOL3. Procedures and Functions - AMELIO Logic Discovery for COBOL

Understanding large and complex COBOL applications is impeded by the fact that COBOLs lacks of structuring concepts such as procedures and functions. Missing concepts for scoping variables and data structures result in a nightmare when application components have to be modularized.

We show how AMELIO Logic Discovery identifies procedures and logical groups together with their interfaces, determines the scope of variables and derives proposals for refactorings. By this the understanding of the application is facilitated.


Please join our grou at XINGPlease join our Group at LinkedIn4. Join Delta Groups on XING and LinkedIn

We would like to invite you to join our groups on XING and LinkedIn.

Following the repeated demand of our customers regarding for a platform to exchange experience, we now opened dedicated groups for Delta customers and other interested parties on the leading business networks LinkedIn and XING.

Join our groups now




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