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GSE Guide Share EuropeThe working groups of Guide Share Europe provide a platform to exchange practical experience in all aspects of IT. The information enables the members to ensure the effectivity of their installations, to make well-informed decisions and to influence product development by IBM and its partners.

The AADLD – Application Development Languages working group of GSE European Working Group is the place to exchange experiences with higher programming languages as PL/I, COBOL or C. The next meeting will be held in Münster (Germany) and is organised by LVM Versicherungen.

  • GSE: ADL Guide
    05. – 07. October 2015, Münster, Germany

We are pleased to have been invited to present you our way of gaining a better understanding of legacy applications and thereby to significantly ease their maintenance and modernisation.

On 7th October at 9:00 am Delta Software Technology presents:

AMELIO Logic Discovery - PL/I-Anwendungen verstehenAMELIO Logic Discovery – Understanding PL/I-Applications

The bulk of today’s productive PL/I applications have been developed many years or even decades ago. Only in very rare cases the original designers and developers are still in charge. Usually, their successors (“inheritors”) or external service providers are maintaining and modernizing the applications or working on the re-implementation of their functionality in modern languages.

In these cases it does not suffice to retrieve details or to track single fields. Quite the contrary, it is about getting a detailed and full comprehension of the application in its entirety. The older and the more complex the applications are, the more knowledge about the applications is already lost. It gets more and more difficult to really understand the applications.

  • How do you obtain reliable information on the current implementation, about the inner structure of the COBOL and PL/I applications, about contexts and dependencies?
  • How do you identify code that’s no longer necessary, i.e. dead code, dead data definitions, not only within single programs but across complex Copy Book, macro and include hierarchies?
  • How do you get a clear view on the code structures, on the logical connections of procedures, on endlessly cascades conditions?
  • How do you distinguish framework coding form business logic?

In our presentation we will conceptually address these questions and show how we implemented the concepts in out tool AMELIO Logic Discovery. AMELIO Logic Discovery helps you to better understand and securely modernise your PL/I applications, allows you to recognize patterns and to perform focused analyses, it can be perfectly tailored to your needs.

Our Presenter

Dr. Daniela SchillingDr. Daniela Schilling

Daniela Schilling is CIO at Delta Software Technology.


Martin HerbstMartin Herbst

Martin Herbst is chief architect at Delta Software Technology.


GSE European Working Group “Application Development Languages” with Delta

We are glad to welcome you on the GSE European Working Group “Application Development Languages”. Discuss with us, how to automatically analyze PL/I applications, to rediscover the contained knowledge and to minimize the risk for a modernization.

You don’t have time to meet us in Münster? Contact us, we would like explain the concept in a personal conversation.

GSE Working Groups

GSE is a non-profit association of companies, organisations and individuals who are involved in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions based on IBM architectures. GSE is an effective forum supporting the needs of today's ICT professional.
For more information on GSE please visit www.gse.org

Please find further information on GSE Working Groups and the meeting agenda here.


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