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Grupo Edson Queiroz
Grupo Edson QueirozGrupo Edson Queiroz selects generator-based tools from Delta Software Technology for major migration project from Bull DPS7 to UNIX.


The Edson Queiroz Group (GEQ) is one of Brazil's leading companies, employing 14,000 people in 16 companies. Their challenge was to reduce migration costs and risks while maximizing quality in a project to migrate several thousand programs from Bull DPS7 mainframes with an IDSII Codasyl database to UNIX platforms with an Oracle relational database.

Using the standard Delta products Delta ADS for COBOL & PL/I and SCOUT², combined with project-specific generators built using the ANGIE frame-based generator technology allows GEQ to perform an automated migration – in the least possible risk and duration, while achieving a high level of quality.

"We have been impressed by the close co-operation and assistance of the whole Delta team throughout the evaluation period and pilot project."
Alberto Moreira, Systems Development Manager, GEQ

The mission critical applications at GEQ have been developed since the early 1990s using the ADS code generator for online and batch programs. The applications are currently deployed on Bull DPS7 mainframes using the TDS7 TP monitor. The IDSII Codasyl database on DPS7 is accessed using native IDSII commands coded throughout the ADS programs.

Following a strategic review by GEQ the decision was made to move the existing applications from the Bull DPS7 mainframes to a new UNIX platform. The IDSII database was to be replaced by an Oracle database on UNIX.

The overall risk and effort for the migration had to be as low as possible. Based on their previous experiences using development tools, GEQ was convinced that an automated approach to the migration was the best approach.

After asking a number of companies to propose solutions for their migration project, GEQ selected the approach proposed by Delta Software Technology as the best match to their requirements.

A team from Delta worked closely with GEQ to analyze the existing applications and technical infrastructure to identify the best way of proceeding. The solution proposed to GEQ was a mixture of the standard Delta products ADS and SCOUT², combined with project-specific generators created using Delta's state-of-the-art ANGIE frame-based generator technology.

"Delta worked with us to study and understand the current situation and then define the best migration strategy."
Alberto Moreira, Systems Development Manager, GEQ

A pilot project performed for GEQ by Delta successfully proved the concept and showed how the GEQ applications could be migrated in a sequence of carefully controlled and verifiable steps:

  • Install the SCOUT² development platform to offload development and migration work from the Bull DPS7 to a more productive PC-based environment.
  • Use ADSplus to migrate the applications from the previous ADS development product to the latest version.
  • Run Delta's automated discovery tools to analyze the existing applications to understand IDSII usage and load XML-based project repositories.
  • Use project-specific generators developed using ANGIE to (1) create database independent ADSplus data access servers; (2) automatically replace IDSII commands by neutral access to the new data access servers.
  • Regenerate the applications on DPS7 using the existing IDSII database but now accessed using the data access servers.
  • Migrate database from IDSII to Oracle on DPS7.
  • Regenerate applications on DPS7 with the data access servers targeted for Oracle.
  • Regenerate applications for UNIX and Oracle.

The careful step-by-step approach allows GEQ to manage the large migration project at a detailed level. The migration plan also leverages GEQ's existing DPS7 environment and technical skills to perform the majority of the migration and testing work. By the time the final stage is performed and the application is regenerated for UNIX and Oracle the vast majority of the testing has already been performed.

"Using Delta's products and services guarantee that our applications are independent of the deployment platform and database product – a critical success factor for GEQ."
Alberto Moreira, Systems Development Manager, GEQ

Download Language: Englisch - Version: MT21011.04


Grupo Edson Queiroz selects generator-based tools from Delta Software Technology for major migration project from Bull DPS7 to UNIX

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Download Language: Englisch - Version: MT21013.04


Grupo Edson Queiroz selects generator-based tools from Delta Software Technology for major migration project from Bull DPS7 to UNIX

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