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Delta IDSDelta IDS is the modern integrated development environment (IDE) for the easy and efficient development and maintenance of your Delta ADS applications.

Are you also tired of the hassle with multiple development environments?

Many companies use environments such as Eclipse, Microsoft Visual Studio, and others for the development with modern programming languages. At the same time, they use mainframes or Unix systems for the generative development and maintenance of backend applications in COBOL and PL/I with Delta ADS. Parallel operation of different working environments for the application development is expensive, cumbersome and inefficient.

Delta IDS is the integrated solution that simplifies and accelerates your software development processes - even across platforms. Delta IDS enables you to consolidate your application development work environments, to support your development processes in the best possible way and thus to improve development productivity and reduce costs and efforts.

Delta IDS - The Integrated Development Solution

A homogeneous, modern and powerful development environment and process control for the various programming languages is the goal of many companies.

We have developed Delta IDS with the aim of making your development teams' daily work easier, faster and more cost-effective.

Delta IDS modernises and simplifies the development and maintenance of Delta ADS applications. The modern environment improves the understanding of the applications by providing additional information on the usage of the application components. Delta IDS is therefore particularly suitable for newcomers. Analysis and coverage functions as well as the use of the Post-Generation Debugger accelerate maintenance.

ADS on EclipseDelta IDS - Simply Develop Better

Delta IDS supports your development teams with dedicated application development and maintenance capabilities, enabling you to deliver new application functionality to your business users faster and with better quality.

The key features of Delta IDS include:

  • User-friendly modern working interface
    for faster application development: easily configurable, clearly arranged areas and views for project structure, smart editors, cross-reference information, generation listings, etc.
  • Smart Code Editors
    support you in creating and editing Delta ADS source code, such as macros, programs, front-end definitions and others with:
    syntax colouring, Code + Content Assistants with customisable and extendible templates, clearly structured outline views for easy and fast navigation in larger source texts, bookmarking, code folding and automatic formatting, intelligent functions for editing and locating errors as well as automatic real-time syntax check, Macro Source Optimiser, documentation and much more.
  • Direct integration of Delta ADS Application Generators
    with simple configuration of the processes, automatic checking of the dependencies and generation sequence, well-arranged display of the macros called during a generation, the search paths used and the listings, display of the generator messages both directly at the right place in the source code and also collectively for the entire project.
  • Post-Generation Debugger
    Find and solve problems in your code quickly and easily with the innovative automated debugging of the generation process:
    all information consistently in view, step-by-step tracking and testing of the generation process, easy switching between code editing and debugger, starting point at will and free positioning, automatic synchronisation of the displays of modules, code, variables, values, call stacks, etc., direct connection to AMELIO Logic Discovery possible.
  • Easy Configuration
    Standards compliance through templates and cross-user settings, easy search path configuration and support for user-defined targets, support for automated builds and deployments.
  • And more ...

"The guaranteed long-term support of Delta tools is and always was of vital importance for us. This also includes
their continuous enhancement to fit new demands, to always be state of the art. An excellent example for this is the comprehensive integration into the standard Eclipse. This perfectly matches our strategy of a modern and future-proof development landscape.“
Peter Bauch, COO, B+S Banksysteme, Austria

ADS on Visual StudioDelta IDS - Easily Streamline Your Development Processes

Introducing Delta IDS for your individual environment and your development processes will give you the following benefits:

  • Seamless integration into your existing development environment and processes:
    This provides you with a uniform developer interface for Delta ADS, COBOL, PL/I, C#, Java, C/C++, ...
  • Increased productivity
    in the creation and maintenance of applications, shorter development cycles
  • The mainframe becomes more attractive for young professionals.
  • Easy access via search paths or the existing source management systems (SCM) such as GIT, OpenText/Micro Focus ChangeMan, ...
    Delta IDS integrates into your development system in such a way that the libraries for the Delta ADS generations are accessed without additional effort, whether they are defined in the project or using the secured functions of version management systems. They can be distributed across all your systems. Delta IDS reliably accesses the right modules. The flexible search path mechanism makes it easy to use artefacts from production environments and from test environments together.
  • Support for all Delta ADS target platforms
  • Reduced load on the mainframe
    generations locally on PC and on back-end systems with identical results.
  • Promoting the integration of the Delta ADS development with further tools of the development environment.
  • Homogeneous, modern and powerful development environment
    The support for central deployment software helps you to automate the provisioning of workstations and thus reduce the administrative effort for configuration, deployment and support through uniformly designed work environments.
  • And more ...

The integration of tools and the avoidance of media disruption significantly shorten the development and maintenance processes.

Supported Environments

IBM | Micro Focus | LzLabs | Visual StudioWe offer the integrated development system Delta IDS as variants for integration into the following environments:

  • Eclipse
  • IBM IDz (IBM Developer for zOS)
  • OpenText/Micro Focus Enterprise Developer for Z (EDz)
  • OpenText/Micro Focus Enterprise Developer Connect (EDc)
  • LzLabs LzWorkbench™
  • Compuware Topaz
  • Microsoft Visual Studio

You would like to integrate your Delta ADS development into another environment like Microsoft Visual Studio Code, IntelliJ etc.? Just get in touch with us!

“After installation of the Plug-in, we tested the generated output and it was 100% identical.”
Graham Dohren, Senior Developer, Aquila Heywood, United Kingdom

Delta IDS - The Integrated Solution for the Efficient Development of Your ADS Applications

Delta IDS supports your development teams with dedicated application development and maintenance capabilities, enabling you to deliver new application functionality to your business users faster and with better quality.

  • More efficient development and maintenance of Delta ADS applications
  • Easy integration into your existing development environments
  • Unified and consistent development processes
  • Easier on-boarding for new developers

Delta IDS - Just Try It!

Benefit from the power and capabilities of Delta IDS and ensure consistent development processes. With Delta IDS you can develop and maintain your Delta ADS applications faster and in better quality.

Would you like to know how you can easily integrate your application development with Delta ADS into your development environment? Would you like to try Delta IDS? Please just contact us!

Further Informations

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Delta IDS is the modern integrated development environment (IDE) for the easy and efficient development and maintenance of your Delta ADS applications.

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