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ADS for COBOL and PL/I: Platform-independent development for future-proof back-end applications.

With the AMELIO CleanUp Factory by Delta Software Technology you can quickly and securely clean up your COBOL and PL/I as well as Delta ADS applications and thus regain the flexibility and adaptability of your core applications.

icon_amld2  AMELIO Logic Discovery
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AMELIO Logic Discovery

The tailor-made factory for the modernisation of large IT applications:100% automation and therefore safe, reliable and error-free.

Delta Software Technology is a specialist for generative software tools automating the modernisation, integration, development andmaintenance of individual IT applications. We understand business IT as a living organism that is continuously evolving.

icon_pbe5  HyperSenses
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Integrated system for model driven development of DSLs and software generators.

icon_sab6  SCORE Adaptive Bridges
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SCORE Adaptive Bridges
Intelligent service enablement for the reuse of proven applicationswith state-of-the-art technologies: flexible, profitable and non-invasive.

SCORE Data Architecture Integration
Data as Intelligent Business Services - Independent of Data Architectures

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These three procedures are the prerequisite for securing the investments you have made so far, maintaining your applications efficiently and using them optimally. And finally, to successfully modernize these applications and keep them future-proof.

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What to do if your specialists retire? If app developers show a presentable App on a tablet within a very short time or the accounting department shakes its head about the maintenance invoice for the mainframe again? If the management also questions everything strategically, it is time for you to act. Your job is to avoid the iceberg ahead. In this five-part series you can read how you can future-proof your “old” applications without hitting the iceberg.

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