The Delta Software Technology group brings together a highly experienced group of IT professionals that have proven their ability and commitment to work together in supporting the long-term needs of their customers in building and maintaining mission-critical applications.

Delta's products are the implementation of 500+ man years of experience in enterprise application development gained over more than 40 years. This in-depth practical experience of building and supporting software tools has allowed Delta to implement a smoothly operating, documented and automated support process.

Support services are provided under the terms of a maintenance contract that provides access to a range of support services and any necessary patches for reproducible problems. Support is managed at three levels:

  • Level 1 – The initial point of contact is with the local support organisation in each country that provides email and/or hotline support in the local language. Level 1 support logs the problem or question into the group’s distributed support system for subsequent action and follow-up.
  • Level 2 – The second stage of problem analysis is to recreate the reported problem using the standard product as delivered by Delta. In many cases the local support organizations work closely with customers to analyze and reproduce the problem. Delta’s customers are working on large and complex projects and appropriate time and effort is required to isolate any core product problems from usage problems and/or project-specific implementation problems.
  • Level 3 – the core development team located in Germany provides the most detailed level of support. The original developers of a product are also responsible for its on-going maintenance. You are therefore guaranteed the best-qualified analyses and resolution of any problems you might encounter. If necessary developers work onsite with customers to research and then solve critical product issues.

The Delta support organization works closely with customer project teams to understand the project schedule to ensure expedited support response at critical phases of the project, for example prior to production handover.

If you have any questions on technical support then please contact your local support organisation.



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