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Project MINT

Model-driven Integration of Information Systems

In March 2006 the research project MINT (Model-Driven Integration of Information Systems)  started; its main goal was the provision of an efficient model-driven development method for the integration of existing (heterogeneous) business information systems.

Normally the focus of model-driven software development is on new development only. The integration of existing heterogeneous systems from different development cultures and “epochs” is much more problematic and critical for the enterprises as this involves the productive applications.

By using model-driven development concepts and advanced generator technology also for the integration of the legacy systems, companies will be enabled to accelerate their adaptation to changing business processes and new requirements, for example in the e-Commerce area.

MINT: Model-Driven Integration of Information Systems

What is the best way for the integration of business software - with particular focus on the data access layer?

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The Members

The members of this project, which is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), were:

Generator Technology from Delta

The product SCORE Adaptive Bridges - Data Architecture Integration, developed by Delta Software Technology, is one of the integration solutions examined within the project. This product offers a non-invasive integration technique that allows the usage of existing data objects and application components without requiring any changes to be made to these objects. The complete integration code is generated automatically.

More information about MINT and our contribution to the project you get from our project flyer.

Project results from MINT were presented at the MDD & PL 2009 in Leipzig (Germany). The detailed comparison of different integration approaches confirmed the effectiveness of project-specific and generator-based solutions.

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