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Interoperability and Feature Tracing for Tool Chains in Model-driven Development

The research project IF-ModE (interoperability and feature tracing for tool chains in model-driven development) started in October 2008; its goal was the provision of information and techniques for the usage of MDD tools and tool chains based on them.

The great success of model-driven development tools, languages and methods has lead to a very heterogeneous range of products in this market. If a model-driven development process is to be implemented, there is currently no other way than to compose a tool chain specifically for the project. However, the costs are increased by the requirements for the interoperability of the tools and by the necessary efforts to build the know-how to use the specific set of different tools.

OFFISHence, for a more extensive usage of MDD methods and tools it is important to develop techniques to improve or to establish interoperability as well as an appropriate information pool. They help to reduce the mentioned costs significantly. Furthermore, the advantages of model-driven development – particularly with regard to quality, productivity and maintenance – inure to the benefit of a large range of software developing companies.

Continued Cooperation with OFFIS

Delta Software Technology again was cooperating with the reknown OFFIS institute located in Oldenburg (Germany) which was also responsible for the project’s management. The project was funded by the German Federal Ministry of Research and Technology (BMBF) as part of the research programme “KMU innovativ”. The project’s duration was 24 months. Following the MINT project, whose subject was the investigation of solutions for the model-driven integration of business software, IF-ModE was already the second research project serving for collaboration with OFFIS.

Model-Driven Tool Chains: Experience Matters

Delta Software Technology has profound expertise with model-driven tool chains being also the basis for the enterprise products AMELIO Modernization Platform and SCORE Adaptive Bridges. Additionally the core technology HyperSenses – used for model-driven generator development and appliance – plays a decisive role concerning the integration of our products into the customer’s development processes. Here, Delta contributed important insights to the IF-ModE project and refined its own tools.

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