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Delta Software Technology is a specialist for generative software tools automating the modernisation, integration, development and maintenance of individual IT applications. We understand business IT as a living organism that is continuously evolving.
  1. Today we have released new versions of the following products:
    - AMELIO Logic Discovery 1.5.0
    - ADS on Eclipse 6.8.0
    - ADS 6 for COBOL 6.2.0
    - License Management 2.6
    You can find more information about new features and fixes in the release notes at the support area of our website:
    Delta Software Technology

  2. Dear Reader,

    Summer time: time for planning, learning, software updates.

    We hope you now find the time to plan your next steps. For example, for updating your development environment for ADS applications, or learning more about the possibilities to automate your software development. Do you want to understand the applications developed by others faster and better? Then AMELIO Logic Discovery will help you - and you have more time for other things.

    We wish you many good ideas.

    Your Delta Software Technology Team


    1. ADS 6 Now Available on Unix Systems
    2. Data Structures: All at a Glance
    3. New (Refresh) Training Courses

    Open Newsletter:

  3. With Delta ADS, you are developing your enterprise back-end applications platform-independently using development environment on Microsoft Windows-, Unix or mainframe systems. After we made ADS 6 available for development environments on Microsoft Windows platforms, we now provide ADS 6 also for the development on Unix platforms.

    Learn more about the new ADS 6 on Unix...
    ADS 6 Now Available on Unix Systems

  4. AMELIO Logic Discovery provides comprehensive in-depth data structure analyses for COBOL, PL/I and Delta ADS applications. With the new release of AMELIO Logic Discovery, all you want to know about the data structures of your applications is available at a glance. Thus, you understand your applications even faster.

    Learn more about, how AMELIO Logic Discovery can help you to better understand your data structures...
    Data Structures: All at a Glance

  5. Anyone using tools to automate software development needs in-depth knowledge of the methods, methods, and capabilities of the tools. And not just "in principle", but in relation to the concrete environment and task.

    Our training courses and workshops help you to use Delta tools efficiently and to optimise the development of your applications: practice-oriented, taking into account your main focus.

    ADS Basics - ADS for Administrators - ADS Refresh - ADS on Eclipse - ADS What's new
    Here are the new training schedules:
    New (Refresh) Training Courses