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Delta DETAB now available stand-alone for the development on Eclipse

Decision tables are an excellent method to describe complex issues in an easily understandable way. Delta DETAB accelerates and simplifies the software development through the automated, generative implementation of decision tables in COBOL and PL/I.

As a component of the development system Delta ADS, Delta DETAB is already available on Eclipse for some time. Now we provide Delta DETAB also stand-alone integrated in Eclipse.

Thus, the advantages of the modern development environment Eclipse can now also be used for DETAB standalone and the use of the decision table technology can seamlessly be integrated into current processes.

Delta DETABFurther information about Delta DETAB

Our customers successfully use Delta DETAB to easily specify and to efficiently implement complex decision logic, to simplify the communication with business departments and to reduce development and maintenance costs.

Here you can find more information about Delta DETAB.

Get to know the benefits of DETAB on Eclipse

We would like to introduce you to DETAB on Eclipse. Get in touch with us and benefit from the advantages of DETAB on Eclipse.




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