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Decision tables simplify software development and enable the implementation with clearly structured source code. Some enterprises use multiple decision table generators and the application heirs have to cope with the different techniques. An automated consolidation would facilitate the maintenance and reduce costs.

Decision tables are an important method for the clearly structured description of complex matters and the corresponding rule systems. The automated implementation of the decision logic in COBOL, PL/I and other languages is supported by various decision table generators, like VORELLE (gadiv, prev. mbp), LF-ET (Lohrfink), SWT (SWT), DETAB (Delta Software Technology) and others.

As part of the modernisation of their development environments and their IT applications, many companies today are reviewing their usage of these development tools:

  • The manufacturers have discontinued the development and support for some decision table generators.
  • Some generators are not available for new platforms.
  • Some companies use several of these generators resulting in increased cost for tools, training and application maintenance.

Know-how Transfer and Costs

The usage of different generators for similar tasks requires that enterprises must train and keep the corresponding expertise. This unnecessarily complicates the transfer to new generations of application heirs. Therefore, it is advisable to consolidate the generator use and to stay with one technology only. In addition to facilitating the knowledge transfer, (maintenance) costs for third-party components can also be saved.

First Step: The Assessment

With the help of these generators, many very complex decision tables have been implemented. In order to get an overview of where which technology has been used in the applications and to what extent, Delta offers a comprehensive investigation. Such an assessment evaluates the feasibility of an automated replacement, consolidation or migration, shows different solution variants and identifies the problems for the project in order to create a reliable decision basis and to eliminate the risks.

Analysis, Evaluation and Transformation of Decision Tables

Using the example of a consolidation from VORELLE to DETAB.

All sources containing VORELLE table definitions are automatically analysed and evaluated with regard to the functionality actually used. For each function category it is examined how it can be replaced and solution variants are suggested, e.g:

  • The code can be transformed 1:1 into the syntax of another decision table generator.
  • The code can automatically be transformed into well maintainable, native source code.
  • And other solution variants ...

AMELIO Modernization PlatformFor the automated transformation, Delta uses its proven AMELIO Modernization Platform.

And by the Way …

Our analysis tools can also enable you to do it the other way round: You can analyse complex native source code and have the contained decision logic automatically converted into clearly arranged decision tables (Delta DETAB). This helps with modernisation projects, facilitates the exchange with business departments and serves the knowledge transfer.

Find the Perfect Solution

Would you like to …

facilitate the maintenance of your applications?
secure the knowledge about your applications and pass on the know-how to the application heirs?
consolidate or replace third-party products?

Our tailor-made assessment reliably identifies and evaluates the critical points and challenges for your project. This enables you to find a solution that perfectly matches your specific application and tool landscape. Of course, we can also support you in planning the on-time and on-budget implementation of your project.

Reach out and talk to us today. We are looking forward to working with you to develop the perfect solution for you.




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