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At this year’s Spring Meeting of Guide Share Europe (GSE) we presented a solution to replace IMS databases in an automated way. Many of the participating companies fight against increasing costs that result from the parallel use of various database technologies and the dwindling expertise as well as from the increasing effort for the further development and maintenance of the large and complex applications that have evolved over decades. Our topic therefore attracted a lot of interest and stimulated intensive discussions.

The Obstacles of the IMS Replacement

The participants knew the obstacles that arise from the replacement of IMS databases and the consolidation of the data all too well:

  • Data: How to manage the paradigm change from hierarchic to relational? How can the actually used data model be identified and transformed into a relational one? How can the data from the IMS database be transferred to the new relational database?
  • Applications: What effects do the decisions regarding the data model? And how to handle the effects on the applications? Which programs contain IMS-specific coding and must be modified and how can the modification be performed? Which testing effort is necessary to ensure the correctness of the change?
  • Organisation: How can the technical and financial risk for such a project be minimised? And how to guarantee that such a transformation does not obstruct the productive operation and further development of the applications?

Safe Replacement through Full Automation

We have answered these questions and many others at GSE’s Spring Meeting. Our project experience as well as the interest of the audience and the discussions after the lecture have shown that we address and solve the right problems. Our solution, AMELIO Modernization Platform, for the replacement of IMS databases is the full automation of all changes using a rule-based modernisation factory that is exactly tailored to the respective customer situation.

Further information can be found here: "Automatically replacing IBM IMS/DB"

And How Can we Help You?

You want to replace IBM IMS DB or another database system? Then get in touch with us and discuss with us the possibilities to preserve the functionality and performance of your applications and to switch without risk to relational systems.

Read also our article about: "Successfully Replace IMS Databases"

GSE Guide Share EuropeAbout Guide Share Europe

The Guide Share Europe (GSE) is a non-profit association of companies, organisations and individuals who are involved in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions based on IBM architectures. GSE is an effective forum supporting the needs of today's ICT professionals.

GSE’s Spring Meeting was hosted by the LVM Versicherung (LVM Insurance) in Münster, Germany. Our presentation “Replacement of IMS databases with Delta” was part of the meeting of the working group “IMS system administration”.

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Further information on the Working Group BSMSD IMS system administration can be found here.




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