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Newsletter - Thursday, 12th May 2011
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Welcome to the Delta Newsletter!

In our new issue of the Delta Newsletter we tell you about possibilities to increase the quality and productivity of the software development through model-driven development of DSLs and generators. You will find interesting events, workshops and information. Additionally we reveal how you can avoid to get your fingers burned in modernization projects. Enjoy reading.

Thank very much for your interest in our products and services.

Your Delta Team


1. Effective Development of DSLs and Generators

No question: Domain-specific languages (DSL) and software generators increase the quality and efficiency of software development.

But: Anyone developing DSLs and generators manually without any kind of modelling or abstraction only shifts the basic problems that arise with functional and platform-specific variants to another level.

Rüdiger Schilling will explain how you can efficiently develop DSLs, generators and product families in a half-day’s event including practical exercises at the Institute for Business Information Systems of the Leipzig University

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2. Modernization Spotlight: Step by Step to Sure Success

Modernization projects are a hot potato. Anyone touching it has to prove which savings or advantages it provides within a fixed timeline, is responsible for all the risks, has to know about all dependencies, and much more. Modernization projects are large-scale projects and that is why we do not tell you that it works out easily and without any problems only by using our tools.

Instead, we ask you to listen to our customers. Here you see how to split a comprehensive IT modernisation into parts, where each single step provides immediate profitable results. Step by step you surely will  succeed.

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3. Workshop: Model-driven Development of Software Generators

For us, software generator development is a separate domain of the model-driven software development with an extremely high potential to automate the software development. As a specialist for generative development tools, Delta Software Technology therefore provides with HyperSenses a model-driven software development environment for the modeling and generation of domain-specific software generators.

Just generate your generators yourself: How? Find it out in our workshop on May 30, 2011. (Attention: new date)
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4. ESE - Exellence in Software Engineering

How can the rapidly growing needs of new software and new software variants be satisfied economically? This was one of the questions that has been answered by interesting lectures, workshops and discussions about software engineering, technologies and methods, quality and management during the three-day ESE Conference 2011 in Zürich.

Delta’s modern concepts for product lines and model-based generator development as well as quality and productivity increase in the software development attracted a lot of interest. At this point, we want to thank all visitors.

In case you missed the presentations or you would like to read again download the information here...




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