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Newsletter - Thursday 18th June 2009
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Project IF-ModE1. MDD Research – Interoperability and Feature Tracing

The quite young market for MDD tools is very heterogeneous. The requirements for tools or whole tool chains are high. Delta conducts the research project IF-ModE along with the OFFIS institute. The goal: The collaboration of different tools within existing MDD tool chains shall be explored and improved. This applies especially to the tracing and re-tracing of features of a software artefact, for describing consequences of development decisions or for debugging purposes.

IF-ModE not only wants to provide objective comparison criteria, but also to describe techniques to establish interoperability and feature tracing.

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OFFIS2. MDD Survey – Your Help is appreciated

Within the research project IF-ModE we are performing an online survey about the usage of MDD techniques and tools, along with the OFFIS institute. The survey examines the MDD topic from particular different professional perspectives.

All 18 questions are answered rapidly, and will be evaluated anonymously within IF-ModE.

Curious? Take a little of your time, and take part in the survey!

MINT Project3. MINT – MDD Tool Chains for Persistency Adapters

With regards to content IF-ModE is the continuation of the MINT project. Within MINT, Delta and OFFIS investigated different model-driven approaches for the development of persistency adapters and compared them with each other.

Of outstanding interest: The comparison among generic frameworks and project-specifically generated adapters.

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