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Newsletter - Thursday 6th September 2007
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1. AMELIO Modernization Platform Reduces Risks and Costs of Change Projects

New technical demands and legal regulations as well as new technologies and modernization projects frequently require the modification of the large productive legacy applications. The necessary mass changes are expensive and a risk for the ongoing business operation.

AMELIO Modernization Platform drastically reduces the risks and costs of these modernization and change projects. AMELIO completely automates the change of large IT applications and verifiably cuts down the test expenditure by more than 90%.

If you have large IT applications in your organisation, you certainly should have a look at the possibilities of AMELIO...


2. Major Project: RDW Modernises Applications with AMELIO

The national vehicle authority of The Netherlands, RDW, modernises its applications with the AMELIO Modernization Platform and thus cuts down the test expenditure for the more than 1 million (!) changes by more than 90%.

With this major project RDW wins

  • Platform independence for its applications,
  • An easy-to-maintain data access layer,
  • Neutral front-ends, which simply can be generated for the usage of browser-based technologies.

Read more about this captivating project in our report...

3. Model-Driven Development & Product Lines 2007 on 24. – 25. September in Leipzig, Germany

Due to the high level of response, the conference "Model-Driven Development and Product Lines – Synergies and Experience", which started successfully last year, will be organised on a larger platform in 2007. Like last year, Delta takes the opportunity to present leading-edge technology to automate software development.

The event which already last year turned out to be a meeting point for well-known experts focuses on the business aspects of new software development technologies.

Get insider information about how model-driven development methods and product line concepts can be realised in practice, and what experiences others already have made.

Have a look at the program and register now for this promising event:

4. ITEA 2 Symposium 2007 on 18. – 19. October in Berlin

Software-intensive systems are spreading out over all areas of life, their economic relevance is increasing rapidly. This development shows up very clearly especially in the area of embedded systems. The European research programme “Information Technology for European Advancement” (ITEA) supports appropriate projects, whereby practicability in real business is an essential precondition.

ITEA 2 is the second run of the research programme, whose project results are to be presented at the symposium. Delta Software Technology, being invited to this event, shows how software development can be automated by using generators and, thus, be performed more efficiently.

You would like to know more about the newest trends in the area of embedded software? You are looking for contacts where industrial and academic research overlap? Then just read on here, and plan your visit at the symposium...




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