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Newsletter - Thursday 12th October 2006
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1. Just A Few Spaces Left: Model-Driven Development and Product Lines – Conference 19-20 October 2006

”I can imagine that Model-Driven Development and Product Lines can bring a quantum leap in innovation similar to that we achieved for our platform-independent product development using Delta ADSplus and SCORE” – Oswald Klackl, Software Engineering Manager, B+S Banksysteme.

If you are also looking for new methods to improve your software development, then in no circumstances should you miss the conference on Model-Driven Development and Product Lines.

Internationally recognized experts cover the complete spectrum of model-driven software development, system families, product lines and generative software production. They introduce tools, provide decision-making guidelines and discuss the applicability of the new concepts in the real world.

As a subscriber to the Delta newsletter you know the advantages of generative tools. We therefore particularly recommend the presentation by Rüdiger Schilling, CTO at Delta Software Technology. He gives answers to the questions:

  1. When does it make sense to develop special generators for specific projects – and when not?
  2. What options are there?
  3. Where are the risks?

Curious? Then you still have time to register...


2. Unlimited Portability – Unlock The Treasure Chest And Discover The Jewels You Already Have!

In talking with a wide range of customers we have started to notice an interesting phenomenon. While our ADSplus customers are fully aware of the value of their ADSplus applications, many have not truly recognized the invaluable business advantage that they already have with the cross-platform portability features of ADSplus.

Today the focus is on reducing the cost of existing applications. At the same time IT should also open-up new business opportunities. Here ADSplus helps you with its platform independence. With ADSplus you have invested in a treasure chest that is just waiting to be opened.

Take a moment’s time to explore and (re)discover platform independence and other valuable attributes...




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