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Newsletter - Tuesday, 19th March 2013
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Dear Delta-interested reader,

Everything is new in March!

Our new AMELIO Logic Discovery helps you to spring-clean your COBOL and PL/I applications. We simplify your daily ADS development with new uniform and integrated environments. After ADS 6 for COBOL we now present the new ADS 6 for PL/I – with many new functions to facilitate your development. And, there are also new functions available for the integrative development with SCORE.

How to best benefit from the advantages of the model-driven methods for the development of your own software generators? Learn more about it with our article “The Cobbler’s Children are Best Shod”.

Please enjoy reading! Happy Easter!

Your Delta Software Technology Team

1. Spring-Clean Your COBOL and PL/I applications

Spring is coming and the sun brings light into flats and houses. Dust and dirt being collected unrecognized during the dark reason now gets visible. Thus in many households the spring-cleaning is started. How about  extending your spring-cleaning also to your COBOL- and PL/I-applications?

2. Integration of ADS in Development Environments of Micro Focus and IBM

Due to the consolidation of the development environments a uniform, productive, graphical and modern working environment for the development of Java and (web)front-ends as well as of COBOL-, PL/I- and Delta ADS applications is provided to the developers...

3. ADS 6 for PL/I is now available as Final Release

With its new functions ADS 6 for PL/I helps to develop, maintain and test the PL/I applications generated with ADS and the application frameworks created with ADS MACRO more efficiently...

4. New SCORE Release

On 18th March 2013 the new version 4.8 of SCORE Adaptive Bridges and SCORE Data Architecture Integration was released. Customers with existing maintenance contracts can request the update free of charge...

5. The Cobbler's Children are Best Shod

Models are the core topic of the OBJEKTspektrum 6/2012. In our article "The Cobbler's Children are Best Shod" we show how the MDD-paradox can be solved.

The English version of the article is now available...




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