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Newsletter - Thursday 12th January 2006
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1. Our Recommendation for OOP 2006: Architecture-Driven Modernization

Yet another new buzzword? Yes and no: The continual modernization of the application systems is a decisive factor for commercial success. The tasks that are involved in this are as diverse as the potential solutions. To support the analysis, transformation and generation of modernization projects, and the interoperability of the necessary tools, the new OMG “Architecture-Driven Modernization” Task Force is developing new open standards that build on the MDA strategy.

Visit the night school (NMI3) on Wednesday 18th January 2006 and learn more about the content of the new OMG standards. Rüdiger Schilling, CTO at Delta Software Technology, presents the goals and concepts of Architecture-Driven Modernization. He explains the concrete advantages that these standards deliver for today’s modernization, transformation and migration projects...

2. SOA and MDA: OMG Information Days – March/April 2006

“SOA and MDA: Service-Oriented and Model-Driven Strategies After The Hype – The Reality”, that is the exciting theme of the up-coming OMG Information Days.

The OMG Information Days offers a vendor-independent information platform for the provision of comprehensive and expert information on current IT subjects. The focus is always on concepts, methods, tools and standards that promote the quality and security of software development. As a partner of the OMG, the OMG Information Days guarantee both timeliness and exclusivity as the German-language OMG platform.

Rüdiger Schilling, Chief Technology Officer at Delta Software Technology will be presenting at the OMG Information Days 2006 on the possibilities offered by Model-Driven Service Enablement. Make a note in your diary to learn more about the concepts and tools that can help you to reach your SOA goal more quickly and securely...

3. Generative Software Development – Meeting Point for Theory and Practice

As part of the series of events organised by the University of Leipzig under the title “Generative Software Development”, Delta Software Technology presented on 11th January the latest generator concepts using HyperSenses as an example. The key points of this guest lecture were model-based generators, domain-oriented configuration views, as well as the processing of process models using generators.

The seminar, which was also open to external visitors, was very well attended and the concepts and detailed demonstrations were received with keen interest. The software that was shown at the event, along with supporting materials from the seminar, are being made available by Delta on a specially produced CD.

If you would like to learn more about the core technologies of the Delta products then continue reading here...




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