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Newsletter - Thursday 14th July 2005
Langue: Englisch - Version: NL21005.02

1. RDW Modernizes IT with Delta – SCOUT² Brings Platform Freedom to Dutch Vehicle Licensing

RDW has decided to modernize their application architecture. There are currently more than 13,000 application modules deployed on a Unisys mainframe running OS 2200.

As the first step in the new strategy RDW has now successfully implemented Delta’s SCOUT² Development Platform, off-loading development from the mainframe onto PCs. Learn more here...

2. Model-Driven Generator Development – The Foundation of Delta’s Successful Software Generator Products

The role of generators in software development is not limited to automating code production; generators are also especially useful in implementing different abstraction levels. The topic at the centre of current discussions about further improvements in software development is the implementation of software product lines and domain-oriented interfaces.

Our article gives you a comprehensive overview of generators, explains tool concepts and reports on both research results and real-world experience. Learn more about the foundations of our successful generator products...

3. SCORE Adaptive Bridges Version 3.1 – New Tools, Technologies and Target Platforms for Freedom of Choice

SCORE Adaptive Bridges version 3.1 builds on the many improvements included in version 3.0, delivering new functions and expanding support for a further range of platforms and technologies.

To learn about the new Multi-Tier Trace support, integrating IBM CICS applications and support for new application servers continue reading here...




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