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Newsletter - Thursday 28th April 2005
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1. Delivering Adaptive Services with EAI/ESB Architectures – White Paper SCORE Adaptive Bridges for EAI/ESB

EAI/ESB architectures are well suited to integrating your standard application packages. But what about your valuable custom applications? Generally these must be manually integrated with substantial effort.

We show you how you can quickly, simply and securely use your applications as services in EAI/ESB architectures...

2. New version of the SCOUT² Development Platform – New Functions Give Even Better Overview

The new version 4.1 of our SCOUT² Development Environment is available with immediate effect. Building on the large number of enhancements introduced in release 4.0, this update version contains further new functions that give you even more possibilities to customise the user interface to meet your exact requirements.

Learn more about the new functions...

3. New Documentation Library – The Knowledge You Need To Profitably Use Delta Products

We are continually working on the improvement and updating of our product documentation to provide you with the best possible support for you when working with our tools, providing the documentation in a wide range of formats.

In addition to many new manuals and other documents, our latest Documentation Library also contains a completely reworked version of the documentation for ADSplus.

Get the knowledge you need to make the most profitable use of your Delta products...




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