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Newsletter - Thursday, 20th February 2014
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Do you want to modernize your COBOL and PL/I applications or re-implement them with Java, C# or other modern languages? The necessary knowledge is in the applications. We show you how you can automatically extract this expert knowledge.

Speaking of expert knowledge, Europe’s leading conference for generative software development “Code Generation 2014” is about expert knowledge as well. Take the opportunity to learn how you can use the expert knowledge implemented in your applications for the development of code generators.

Furthermore, we have new versions of our products for you: for Microsoft Visual Studio, Windows 8, Eclipse, ...

Please enjoy reading.

Your Delta Software Technology Team

Briefly Noted...

Our development tools are now available for Windows 8, 8.1 as well as for Eclipse 4.3 „Kepler“.

1. Logic Discovery: Information is not Knowledge

Frank Zappa already knew: “Information is not Knowledge”. This song line can also be applied to software development because for the modernization or re-implementation as well as for the maintenance and further development of an application it is not enough to possess information about how the application has been implemented. Above all, it is decisive to know what has been implemented in the application. AMELIO Logic Discovery therefore analyses large and complex COBOL and PL/I applications, detects information about implementation details and derives from it the knowledge about the functionality of the application.
An example to demonstrate that information and knowledge are not the same and how you can derive knowledge from information can be found in our article „Information is not Knowledge“.

Please find more information about how AMELIO Logic Discovery can help you to understand your applications on our homepage: AMELIO Logic Discovery.

Or you contact us directly to arrange an appointment for a presentation...

2. New: ADS on Visual Studio

ADS on Visual Studio integrates the Delta ADS development tools into the modern development environment Microsoft Visual Studio.
Using different development platforms is uncomfortable and inefficient. For this reason many enterprises want to standardize their development environments. Besides Eclipse, Microsoft Visual Studio is the most used development environment. That is why we now provide ADS on Visual Studio in addition to ADS on Eclipse. In this way, you can comfortably develop with ADS, C#, Java, COBOL, PL/I and other languages in one integrated development environment.
For further details please refer to the following link...

3. Microsoft ends support for Windows XP

As announced some time ago, Microsoft now terminates the support of Windows XP.
Please read our information about what it means for the usage of our development tools...

4. Code Generation 2014: MDSD - Practice what you Preach

We believe that software is best developed in a model-driven way with DSLs and code generators. But generators and DSLs themselves are seldom developed in a model-driven way. That makes it a time consuming and error prone task. Why don’t we produce them according to the same principles?
In our talk at Code Generation 2014 we present how HyperSenses helps to develop DSLs and generators in a model-driven way.
More details can be found here...




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