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Successfully Replace IBM IMS DatabasesPlace 1: Successfully Replace IBM IMS Databases

Old database technology causes high cost and complicates the utilisation of new technology for central IT applications. Furthermore, there are less and less developers and system technicians knowing the old technology. This applies to hierarchical databases such as IBM IMS DB as well as for network and other non-relational databases.

We present ways that allow you to preserve the functionality of your applications while migrating to SQL databases without risk.

Insurance company LVM Versicherung selects AMELIO Logic Discovery for PL/I for Proof of ConceptPlace 2: Insurance company LVM Versicherung selects AMELIO Logic Discovery for PL/I for Proof of Concept

Quite a few companies still have their critical core business applications developed in PL/I. These have become increasingly complex over time, but still it is expected, that they can be adapted quickly and safely to new professional requirements or that their functionality can be implemented n another language, for example in JAVA.

Solving such modernization tasks is not possible without understanding the functionality of each application, its implementation and the cooperation between individual programs.

You can find out why LVM Versicherung did search for a tool that could perform in-depth analyses of their PL/I applications, how they discovered AMELIO Logic Discovery for PL/I encountered to and now started a Proof on Concept, here:

Even more productive with ADS on Eclipse 6.2Place 3: Even more productive with ADS on Eclipse 6.2

ADS on Eclipse provides comprehensive support for the maintenance and further development of your ADS application in an integrated development environment.

With the release of ADS on Eclipse 6.2 new functions are available, which make working with ADS even easier and more efficient.

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