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AMELIO Logic Discovey for ADS and Post Generation Debugger Hand in Hand

Over decades customers used our generative developing system Delta ADS to efficiently develop and maintain big and complex applications. Only in some cases these applications are maintained or modernised by their original developers. More often this is done by their successors or even outsourced to an external company.

Compared to programming in native code the usage of ADS has many advantages, amongst others the development takes place on a higher level of abstraction as it is possible in native COBOL or PL/I. This level of abstraction should be used to enable an efficient transfer of the application to a successor or service provider without any loss. But: the existing documentation is often not sufficient and the original developers are no  longer available.

For this reason we combined both our tools AMELIO Logic Discovery for ADS and the Post-Generation Debugger to automatically gain the knowledge necessary to understand and modernise ADS applications.

AMELIO Logic DiscoveryAMELIO Logic Discovery for ADS

AMELIO Logic Discovery helps you to understand big COBOL and PL/I applications. Amongst others it analyses what the application does and which dependencies and special cases do exist. We introduced additional analysis for applications developed with ADS. These separate the business logic from the generated technical implementations. Additionally, by evaluating the information from the generation process, an abstracting level is achieved that is higher than the one offered by the generated language (i.e. native COBOL or PL/I).

Post-Generation Debugger

The Post-Generation Debugger is our tool to support the development and maintenance of ADS applications. It shows which modules where used for a generation, which parameters were relevant as well as their respective values.

Thereby the Post Generation Debugger contributes to understand the interaction between the modules building an ADS-application.

Hand in Hand

To enlarge the advantages of both tools we connected AMELIO Logic Discovery for ADS and the Post-Generation Debugger and synchronized the presentation of the analysis results.

For example, when looking at a procedure in Logic Discovery – with its interface, used variables, control flow, call conditions, etc. – the Post-Generation Debugger shows in parallel which modules were used to generate this procedure and which values these relevant parameters had.

In this way the functionality of the application is identified together with its relationship to the specific ADS components. Thus the coupling of both tools allows to understand both, the application and the framework, at the same time.

You have an ADS application and you need to understand its functionality and is construction? Then AMELIO Logic Discovery and the Post Generation Debugger is the solution for you. Please get in touch, we like to present you the ability of this new solution.




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