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The Software Engineering Conference "Frankfurter Entwicklertag" within the Rhine-Main-Region: Agility, Quality, Innovation.

Software engineering as basis for innovation – this topic will be addressed in 4 subject areas. In times of "all digital" and "all mobile" the core question is how enterprises remain competitive and whether software craftsmanship and agile methods support this.

Frankfurter Entwicklertag (Developer Day Frankfurt)

10.-11. March 2016, Frankfurt (Main), Germany

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On 10th March 2016 at 10:30 am Delta Software Technology presents:

Legacy-Modernisation: more than saving costs

Many companies have developed their business critical core applications in the past decades using COBOL or PL/I. Maintenance and ongoing development have made them into large and complex applications. Although these applications implement much knowledge about business internal processes they are also often regarded as a burden. The reason for this is that they often run on overpriced platforms and use outdated technologies. In addition, adapting these monolithic applications to new demands requires large efforts. Rewriting in a modern language and using up-to-date paradigms is an extremely expensive and very risky endeavour.

These applications can be migrated to a more cost-efficient and modern platform to save money in short term. To this end, platform specific implementations have to be identified and transformed. There are a number of different approaches which partly or fully automatically perform such transformations. We take these approaches one step ahead. We recommend using the migration not only to remove platform specific aspects but also to modernise the overall application. Thereby the monolithic application is converted into a service-oriented application and out-dated technologies, such as hierarchical and CODASYL databases, are replaced by modern SQL systems, superfluous code (dead code) is removed. Such modernisation requires architectural transformations. In the context of different projects we have developed concepts and tools to perform these transformations fully automatically.

We advise to perform the transformation in multiple steps. Each step should result in an executable application. Thereby the risk for the modernisation project is reduced to a minimum. After each step the chosen strategy can be changed if necessary and even more important, after each step the benefits of the introduced improvements are immediately available.

The modernisation project delivers a flexible application which can be adapted to new requirements and technologies. It can be maintained in an agile process like other applications. As the application gets split into several smaller parts these sub-applications can afterwards be re-implemented as needed. This approach therefore allows a secure and step-wise change into a modern world.

Such a proceeding is only promising if the modernisation is performed fully automatically as the applications are big, complex and business critical.

We present how such a stepwise and automatic change is possible by introducing the underlying concepts and showing the feasibility based on a real project.

Our Referent

Daniela Schilling

Dr. Daniela Schilling is CEO of Delta Software Technology.

Frankfurter Entwicklertag 2016Developer Day "Frankfurter Entwicklertag" with Delta

Benefit from the early bird rebate and register now for the Frankfurter Entwicklertag 2016. Discuss with us how legacy modernisation can result in more than saving costs.

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