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Newsletter - Thursday, 27th September 2018

  • Decision Table Generators: Modernise, Consolidate or Replace?
  • Decision Table Generator Delta DETAB on Eclipse
  • Support information: New Product Versions available
  • Next Training Courses in November

Newsletter - Thursday, 21th June 2018

  • Insurer Makes Important Core Application Fit for the Future
  • Bedag met le cap sur Delta ADS sur Visual Studio
  • Computerwoche: IT Legacy – Dusty but Valuable
  • GI-Workshop: Software-Reengineering & Evolution
  • New ADS Training Courses

Newsletter - Thursday, 22th March 2018

  • Don’t guess – Assess
  • Spring-cleaning for Your COBOL and PL/I Applications
  • New ADS (Refresher) Training Courses
  • Current Product Versions – Plan Your Updates now!

Newsletter - Tuesday, 08. August 2017

  • ADS 6 Now Available on Unix Systems
  • Data Structures: All at a Glance
  • New (Refresher) Training Courses

Newsletter - Friday, 28th April 2017

  • Conference & Lecture: 4th Government IT Modernization
  • Clean Up Your COBOL–, PL/I- and Delta ADS Applications
  • The Perfect Solution for a Secure Replacement of IMS Databases: AMELIO Modernization Platform
  • Support information: New Product Versions available
  • GI-Workshop "Software-Reengineering & Evolution"
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