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Newsletter - Tuesday, 08. August 2017

  • ADS 6 Now Available on Unix Systems
  • Data Structures: All at a Glance
  • New (Refresher) Training Courses

Newsletter - Friday, 28th April 2017

  • Conference & Lecture: 4th Government IT Modernization
  • Clean Up Your COBOL–, PL/I- and Delta ADS Applications
  • The Perfect Solution for a Secure Replacement of IMS Databases: AMELIO Modernization Platform
  • Support information: New Product Versions available
  • GI-Workshop "Software-Reengineering & Evolution"
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Newsletter - Tuesday, 31th January 2017

  • Your Topics for 2017...
  • Current Product Versions – Plan Your Updates now!
  • Cutting Risks and Costs for Modernisation and Migration
  • Modernisation: Consolidating Database Systems
  • Modernisation: Replacing Generative Development Systems


Newsletter - Thursday, 30th June 2016

  • Automated Replacement of IBM IMS Attracts Great Interest
  • MoMaG – Modernisation of Macro-based Generators
  • New cooperation between ELCA and Delta Software
  • Support information: New Product Versions available

Newsletter - Friday, 11th December 2015

  • AMELIO Logic Discovery - Analysis for ADS Applications
  • Easier Understanding of ADS Applications
  • Delta and EasiRun intensify cooperation
  • Developer Day Frankfurt 2016

Newsletter - Tuesday, 22th September 2015

  • GSE Working Group "Application Development Languages"
  • AMELIO Logic Discovery for PL/I convinces LVM
  • Procedures and Functions - AMELIO Logic Discovery for COBOL
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Newsletter - Thursday, 26th March 2015

  • Partnership with CGI Germany
  • Modernization Project at BSQ Bauspar AG
  • GSE European Working Group in Paris
  • Predicate BEST OF for AMELIO Logic Discovery
  • The most popular Articles in 2014