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Event Archive 2014 - 2015
Langue: Englisch - Version: EV21005.01

We have archived here all events from 2014 to 2015 for your reference:

  • Die Woche der Anwendungsentwicklung auf IBM System z [Ehningen, Germany]
  • GSE: European Working Group “European Enterprise Modernization for zOS" [Paris, France]
  • REConf 2015, Bridging Gaps - Connecting PeopleREConf 2015, Bridging Gaps - Connecting People [Munich, Germany]
  • Leipzig University Autumn School: "Systematic Reuse" [Universität Leipzig, Deutschland]
  • Herbstschule "Systematische Wiederverwendung" [University Leipzig, Deutschland]
  • Developer's Day Karlsruhe - Lecture: "Software Development – Model-driven and Still Agile" [Karlsruhe, Germany]
  • Code Generation 2014 - Lecture: "MDSD - Practice what you preach" [Churchill College, Cambridge UK]