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GI-Workshop „Software-Reengineering & Evolution“The 20th workshop “Software Reengineering & Evolution” of the GI section Software Reengineering (SRE) took place this year from 02 - 04 May 2018. (GI – Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V. is a German Society for Computer Science).

GI: 20th Workshop Software Reengineering & Evolution
02 - 04 May 2018, Bad Honnef, Germany

Delta Software Technology was represented there with two contributions:

Do you understand Software?

Many business-critical core applications have grown over decades. The necessary knowledge for a secure and efficient maintenance, further development and re-writing often doesn’t exist anymore. The size and complexity of the applications hardly allow a manual regaining of the knowledge. The only solution is: an automatic solution. That’s why AMELIO Logic Discovery regains the knowledge from COBOL and PL/I applications 100% automatically.

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Everything new in Spring?

Many companies often regard legacy applications as a burden and their maintenance and further development as error-prone and cost-intensive. But re-writing the application is too expensive and too risky due to size and complexity. By cleaning-up, re-structuring and modernization this burden becomes a valuable legacy that can be efficiently and continuously used. With the tools from the AMELIO family these modernization steps can be executed tailor-made and automated. As a result, the effort and the risk will be manageable.

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Dr. Daniela SchillingOur speaker

Dr. Daniela Schilling
Dr. Daniela Schilling is Managing Director of Delta Software Technology.

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