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A selection of case studies from companies in the Insurance market using Delta products and services:

  • DBV-Winterthur – Used Delta/ADS tools to migrate a large insurance application from UNISYS to IBM mainframes following the merger of two insurance companies.
  • LVM Versicherung - The LVM Versicherung (LVM insurance) in Münster, Germany, has developed its business-critical applications in PL/I and was looking for a solution for deep source code analyses to support the further maintenance and modernization.
  • Suva – Suva is the Swiss national insurance organization covering 100,000 companies and 1.9 million people. Their challenge was to migrate critical applications from OS/2 fat clients to a distributed thin-client architecture. Read how SUVA used tools from Delta Software Technology to create new services by reusing 5,000,000 lines of COBOL from their existing applications.
  • Wiener Gebietskrankenkasse – The WGKK could significantly increase the performance of their applications by modernising them with AMELIO Modernization Platform from Delta Software Technology. The complex and slow data accesses using Assembler had been replaced by better performing Embedded SQL. The simultaneously achieved portability of the applications simplifies the migration to more cost-effective platforms.