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A selection of case studies from Public Administrations and general trade companies using Delta products and services:

  • Datenzentrale Baden-Württemberg – Read about how the Delta/ADS tools have been used over many years to migrate mission-critical applications across a diverse range of technologies and platforms.
  • Grupo Edson Queiroz – The Edson Queiroz Group (GEQ) is one of Brazil's leading companies, employing 14,000 people in 16 companies. Their challenge was to migrate many thousands of programs using the IDSII Codasyl database from Bull DPS7 mainframes to UNIX servers running Oracle. Read how GEQ selected state-of-the-art generator-based tools from Delta Software Technology for their migration project, adopting a careful step-by-step approach.
  • Hüttenwerke Krupp Mannesmann –  The leading German steel producer Hüttenwerke Krupp Mannesmann (HKM) has selected SCORE Adaptive Bridges. Delta's generative development tool will be used in the “Online Steelworks” project to automate service development. The "Online Steelworks" application controls and administers the core steel production process.
  • MIAG C.V., Baar (a member of the METRO Group) –  In the “Settlement Porting” project MIAG C.V., Baar smoothly migrated an important application from an IBM VSE mainframe with CA-DATACOM to IBM AIX with Oracle. In this project ADSplus showed one of its greatest strengths: the ability to generate code for different target platforms from a single application specification.
  • RDW – gained future reliability and reduced costs by a full IT modernisation in 3 steps: optimisation of the development processes and off-loading from mainframe to PC, removing all platform dependencies and modernisation of the application architecture, error-free platform and database change.
  • Schorch – Schorch has benefited several times from the sustainability and long-term feasibility of platform-neutral development with Delta products. The migration of the production management from Fujitsu BS2000/OSD mainframe to Microsoft Windows took place “at the push of a button” and provided the expected cost-reduction. In an earlier project Schorch has already seen how applications can be successfully modernised: by the automatic service enablement of strategically important business functions without changing the existing legacy applications.
  • Sollac – Sollac (ArcelorMittal) has been using Delta ADS tools since 1986, recently moving their development environment to Delta’s SCOUT² PC-based development platform and now develops and tests on the PC before generating applications for the HP (Tandem) NonStop platform.