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SCOUT² Development PlatformQuotes about SCOUT² Development Platform - Optimized and integrated development processes across all software components, tools and platforms: Stop the “fight against the infrastructure”.


Case StudyWebsiteRDW
Les Pays-Bas, Groningen

Gerard Doll
Manager ICT

"At RDW we have sensitive applications and very personal data. The security and quality of our development processes are our highest priority. SCOUT² not only allows us to support our mainframe and PC-based development processes, but it also fully embraces our special security and quality management processes."

"Delta’s SCOUT² Development Platform not only allows us to support our Unisys OS2200 mainframe and PC-based development processes, but it is also fully embraces our special security and quality management processes."


Case Study ICase Study IIWebsiteHKM (Hüttenwerke Krupp Mannesmann)

Thomas Krieger
Project Manager
"Migrating to SCOUT² release 4.0 is very simple and was certainly worth it for us: The user interface is now even more intuitive and one feels immediately at home."


Case StudyWebsiteMIAG C.V., Baar (METRO Group)

Silvio Hasler
"SCOUT² isolates the developer from many technical details, dramatically simplifying their work as well as preventing many possible sources of errors. For example, processes such as Generation, Compilation and File Transfers are handled in the background fully automatically by SCOUT²."

"The new user interface in SCOUT² makes our developers more productive. Detailed information is always available with a single click, but does not waste screen space when it is not required."

“With this migration project we have achieved multiple objectives within the budgeted time and cost.
The complete application was transferred from a host-based environment to a client-server platform with the addition of a GUI interface for the end users. The host environment was completely replaced.
Using Delta products allowed the migration to quickly and efficiently proceed with the vast majority of the work being at the purely technical level.”

Kanton Aargau

WebsiteKanton Aargau

Waldemar Fohmann
Software Development Environment Project Leader
"SCORE bringt uns einen erheblichen Qualitätsgewinn, den wir erst noch mit weniger Aufwand erreichen: Denn generierter Code ist ganz einfach richtig – der Aufwand für die Qualitätssicherung und das Testen vermindert sich beträchtlich.
Die neue SCOUT² interaktive Entwicklungsumgebung von Delta ist bezüglich Komfort ein Quantensprung. Solche Werkzeuge verbessern die Arbeitsqualität erheblich."



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