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AMELIO Modernization PlatformQuotes about AMELIO Modernization Platform - Change your large-scale IT applications with a tailor-made factory: securely, reliably, error-free and 100% automated.


Case StudyWebsiteRDW
The Netherlands, Groningen

Gerard Doll
Manager ICT

"A decisive factor in selecting AMELIO was its new meta-level test concept: It allows us to save 90% and more of the test effort and costs. The flexible In-place Migration ensures minimal blocking times as we can combine in production already transformed and not yet transformed components without any problem."

"AMELIOʹs technology and the close cooperation with Delta guarantee a transformation quality that meets our high quality and security standards."

Carine Joosse
ICT Manager Projects
"AMELIO Modernization Platform is the reliable solution for the systematic modernisation of our complex applications – 100% automated, tailor‐made and generative. Using AMELIO we were able to accomplish this demanding large project faster and with less resource."

Wiener Gebietskrankenkasse

Case StudyWebsiteWiener Gebietskrankenkasse
(Vienna health insurance)
Austria, Vienna

Dieter Zink
"AMELIO allowed us to build a modernization factory that reduced by 70% the effort needed for a critical SQL migration project in our core Unisys OS2200 applications. Our trust in AMELIO was confirmed in other transformation projects, including Y2K and an ACOB/UCOB COBOL compiler migration project."

Grupo Edson Queiroz

Case StudyWebsiteGrupo Edson Queiroz
Brazil, Fortaleza

Alberto Moreira
Systems Development Manager

"Delta worked with us to study and understand the current situation and then define the best migration strategy. The solution presented by Delta was an ideal match to our needs."

"Using Delta's products and services guarantee that our applications are independent of the deployment platform and database product – a critical success factor for GEQ."

We have been impressed by the close co-operation and assistance of the whole Delta team throughout the evaluation period and pilot project."


WebsiteT-Systems Enterprise Services

Jürgen Mülders
Service Manager
"Since 1980 we have developed many thousands of programs for IBM z/OS and IMS using Delta's application generation system ADS. Working closely with Delta on our Y2K project we used AMELIO to automatically discover all Y2K-impacted code. The extent to which AMELIO automated the project was truly amazing. The tool delivered absolutely reliable results. Thanks to AMELIO this essential project was completed on time and within budget and we celebrated the 31st December 1999 without worrying."



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