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AMELIO Logic DiscoveryQuotes about AMELIO Logic Discovery - AMELIO Logic Discovery is an innovative analysis tool that helps you to improve your understanding of your ADS, COBOL and PL/I applications and to ensure the relevant functionality.

LVM Versicherung

Case Study ICase Study IIWebsiteLVM Versicherung (Assurance)

Peter Nübel
chef du ressort contrats II

« A la recherche d'un outil qui analyse automatiquement et complètement nos applications écrites en PL/I de manière rapide et fiable, nous avons trouvé Delta et AMELIO. En particulier, la qualité et la profondeur des analyses et la haute compétence en PL/I de Delta nous ont convaincues »

« In a proof of concept Delta exemplarily analysed selected PL/I applications from LVM with AMELIO Logic Discovery. The analyses were performed automatically, completely, quickly and reliably. Within the restricted timeframe the presented results could only be achieved by using a powerful automatic support. »

Klaus Schulze
System Architect

« The analysis results provided by AMELIO Logic Discovery and their presentation, even the complex ones, are noteworthy. »

Valida Pension AG Website

Valida Pension AG

Friedrich Pohle
Deputy Head of Department

« AMELIO supports craftsmanship in technical analysis, as many of the required information is supplied. »

« AMELIO facilitates refactoring enormously. »

« AMELIO Dead code analysis are of great help: manageable, fast overview. »



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