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Delta Software Technology (Delta) develops, sells and supports software tools that enable enterprises to multiply the value of their application portfolio. For more than 40 years we help our customers to become more effective, more profitable, a better business partner and more accessible to their many stakeholders.

When Delta's first application development tools were released in 1976, many enterprises were "greenfield" sites just starting development of their application systems. Over the years, those software portfolios have grown and enterprises now have very complex environments with a heterogeneous mixture of hardware and software platforms, in-house developed applications and purchased standard solutions – many with a considerable amount of local modifications.

To address the evolving needs of enterprise customers, Delta's world-class software technology enables total business integration – empowering enterprises to leverage their substantial investments in their application and systems portfolio and to respond to changing business drivers and opportunities to create new value.

Delta's products are the implementation of 500+ man years of experience in enterprise application development gained over more than 40 years. The fundamental principle is that technology (operating systems, languages, databases, middleware and other technologies) will always change more rapidly than the economic lifespan of an enterprise’s application portfolio. Delta solves this challenge by allowing enterprises to define user requirements in a platform independent manner. Delta’s sophisticated generation techniques are then used to automatically generate platform specific application programs in 100% native code for each deployment environment.

Delta’s generative approach to application development has repeatedly proved its worth. Many customers have successfully redeployed their mission critical applications to new technologies, often more than once. A recent estimate is that well over 500,000 platform independent application programs have been developed with Delta products, representing many hundreds of millions of lines of generated platform specific native program code.

Delta products are installed at more than 750 customer installations around the world. Approaching 10,000 developers have been trained in the use of Delta’s software tools.

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Delta Software Technology is a specialist for generative software tools that automate the development, integration and modernisation of individual IT applications.

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Group Structure

The Delta Software Technology group brings together a highly experienced group of IT professionals that have proven their ability and commitment to work together in supporting the long-term needs of their customers.

Product design, development, maintenance and support are provided by Delta Software Technology GmbH based in Germany. Marketing, sales, training and professional services are delivered in local markets through a network of dedicated subsidiaries and partners.

The Delta Software Technology group has offices in Australia, Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland and UK.

Many of Delta Group's team have worked with the product range for 20+ years and can offer customers a unique understanding of Delta's technology and best practices for effective long-term use in an enterprise environment.



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