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In contrast to platform migration or database modernisation, application modernisation is not just about replacing the technique. Application modernisation has to cope with transforming large and complex legacy application systems while the semantic of the application functions must remain untouched.

Application Modernisation Has Many Faces

If you want to better meet the continuously changing requirements of dynamic business processes through legacy modernisation and modern application architectures, our solutions support you efficiently with

  • architecture transformations, e.g. when replacing monolithic legacy application structures, or making existing functionality accessible for new application areas
  • building service-oriented architectures (SOA)
  • implementation of a new front-end technology
  • consolidation of databases
  • mass changes, e.g. implementation of Unicode, UTF-16, changing key and data definitions, changes due to M&A, to secure compliance or for application remediation

Tailor-made Software Transformation: Automated – Flexible – Safe

Modernising legacy applications is a comprehensive long-term project that causes high costs. But nobody knows how the (enterprise’s) world might look tomorrow and which technologies might be available then. With our solutions you can proceed step-by-step and thus considerably reduce the risk of wrong technology decisions. With our solutions you always have the option to adapt your strategies to the current situation or to change completely. Our solutions

  • are exactly tailored to your projects and your requirements
  • give you the freedom to change your strategy at any time
  • support paradigm changes – without footprint – and they do not transfer the old structures and methods as handicaps into the new environment
  • ensure integrity and functionality of the applications – any time
  • guarantee undisturbed further development and maintenance. Modernised and not yet modernised applications cooperate smoothly.

Meet New Requirements Faster with Flexible Applications

Our products use most modern methods and technologies to completely automate the modernisation of applications and thus ensuring highest quality and safety. This efficiently takes weight off the already overburdened IT departments. Depending on your modernisation intentions, the following products can be used

  • AMELIO Modernisation Platform – The tailor-made factory for the modernisation of large IT applications: 100% automatically and that's why it's safe, reliable and error-free.
  • SCORE Adaptive Bridges for intelligent service enablement – reuse of proven applications with the modern technologies: flexible, profitable and non-invasive.
  • SCORE Data Architecture Integration – data as real business services: fast, easy and independent of data architectures and management systems.

The modernisation of existing legacy applications is one of the best ways to increase the IT’s productivity with acceptable costs and to better support the business processes. However, every software transformation project is unique, so standard solutions do not help.

Discuss your ideas with us. Together with you we will work out tailor-made solution strategies that will exactly meet your requirements.



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