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OBJEKTspektrum: The cobbler’s children are best shod: The Solution of the MDD ParadoxThe Cobbler's Children are Best Shod: The Solution of the MDD Paradox

[Daniela Schilling] Generators and domain specific languages (DSLs) accompanied by models are the central elements of model-driven development but paradoxically they themselves get developed by using the conventional methods instead of model-driven ones. As a result, the development of generators and DSLs is considered as a time-consuming and error-prone hermetism. In this article we present a solution which solves this paradox and significantly reduces development effort and complexity.

The article has been published in OBJEKTspektrum 06/2012.

The english translation can be found here.


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HyperSenses - Integrated system for model driven development of DSLs and software generators

Spring is coming and the sun brings light into flats and houses. Dust and dirt being collected unrecognized during the dark reason now gets visible. Thus in many households the spring-cleaning is started. Why don’t you extend your spring-cleaning also to such that also your COBOL- and PL/I-applications? Such applications were built over many years or even decades. Within this time they were alive – they got maintained, extended, adapted to new requirements and therefore they grew. At many places dispensable ballast has been collected, program structures got changed, documentation is not available any more or not up to date. Maintaining and comprehending the application gets more and more complex.

AMELIO Logic Discovery extracts the implemented application logic from COBOL and PL/I applications and thereby helps to comprehend them. The discovery of the application logic is performed in three steps – inventory, code optimization and logic analysis. The inventory determines which elements – i.e. programs, interfaces and data structures as well as dependencies between them – build the application. Elements relevant to be maintained or needed to be comprehend get determined during the optimisation phase, e.g. dead code is detected, documented if applicable and removed. The information provided by the preceding steps is used by the logic analysis to gain models which are independent from programming languages as well as from programming paradigms. Thereby the application logic is extracted and comprehensible represented.

We combined the inventory and the dead code analysis and reduction in the CleanUp package of AMELIO Logic Discovery. This package is intended to re-document existing applications and particularly to recognize, document and remove dispensable ballast and thus to efficiently, dependably and automatically perform the spring-cleaning...

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This press release was published on openPR on 28.03.2013.