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GI-Workshop „Software-Reengineering & Evolution“The 20th workshop “Software Reengineering & Evolution” of the GI section Software Reengineering (SRE) took place this year from 02 - 04 May 2018. (GI – Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V. is a German Society for Computer Science).

GI: 20th Workshop Software Reengineering & Evolution
02 - 04 May 2018, Bad Honnef, Germany

Delta Software Technology was represented there with two contributions:

Do you understand Software?

Many business-critical core applications have grown over decades. The necessary knowledge for a secure and efficient maintenance, further development and re-writing often doesn’t exist anymore. The size and complexity of the applications hardly allow a manual regaining of the knowledge. The only solution is: an automatic solution. That’s why AMELIO Logic Discovery regains the knowledge from COBOL and PL/I applications 100% automatically.

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Everything new in Spring?

Many companies often regard legacy applications as a burden and their maintenance and further development as error-prone and cost-intensive. But re-writing the application is too expensive and too risky due to size and complexity. By cleaning-up, re-structuring and modernization this burden becomes a valuable legacy that can be efficiently and continuously used. With the tools from the AMELIO family these modernization steps can be executed tailor-made and automated. As a result, the effort and the risk will be manageable.

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Dr. Daniela SchillingOur speaker

Dr. Daniela Schilling
Dr. Daniela Schilling is Managing Director of Delta Software Technology.

Further Information

Further information on the event can be found here:

You couldn't attend? Then contact us, we would be happy to meet you for a personal discussion.



GSE Guide Share Europe

The spring meeting 2018 of the working group “SOSXD zOS/390 (MVS)” took place on March 14th-16th 2018 in Kassel, Germany. The subject of this working group was the base operating system (z/OS) of the IBM mainframe including the system-related software. Further information about the working group can be found here.

On March 14th, Dr. Daniela Schilling (CEO, Delta Software Technology) and Hans Nickessen (Senior Consultant) presented a lecture on “AMELIO: Spring-clean your COBOL- and PL/I Applications – Make your Applications fit for the Future” (‘Application Management’ in the agenda).

COBOL and PL/I applications form the backbone of the IT landscape in many companies until now. These applications are 30-40 years old and have proven themselves during this period. But within this time the applications were alive. They got continuously enhanced and forced to be adapted to changing environments and new requirements more quickly. That’s why in many companies the question arises how these long time investments can be secured and how to avoid that the legacy applications will become a cost-intensive brake pad.

In our presentation we showed you how …

  • the knowledge about the applications can be regained and transferred to new generations of developers
  • the applications can get rid of dispensable ballast
  • the applications can be modernized or technologies can be changed

to make them fit again for the future. And all this 100% automated and with no effect on running operations and regular maintenance.

GSE: z/OS - Guide 2018 Kassel

Further information about the event can be found here.

You couldn't participate? Please contact us. We would like to talk to you in a personal discussion.

Further information about AMELIO can be found here.

Presentation documents

The lecture "AMELIO: Spring-clean your COBOL- and PL/I Applications” can now be found on SlideShare... 

GSE Working Groups

The Guide Share Europe (GSE) is a non-profit association of companies, organisations and individuals who are involved in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions based on IBM architectures. GSE is an effective forum supporting the needs of today's ICT professionals.

For more information on GSE please visit


GSE Guide Share EuropeThe working groups of the Guide Share Europe provide a platform for the exchange of practical experience in all aspects of IT. The information enables the members to ensure the effectiveness of their installations, to make sound decisions in a well informed manner and to influence the product development of IBM and its partners.

The working group BSMSD IMS-System Management (BSMSD IMS-Systemverwaltung) deals with the database system IMS, with an emphasis on the Transaction Manager and the organization of operation procedures. The next meeting of the working group is aligned this time by the LVM insurance and will take place in Münster.

We are particularly pleased that we are allowed to introduce ourselves. Delta Software Technology presents on April 14 at 1:50 pm:

"Successful ways to replace IMS databases"

The replacement of the IMS databases is currently on the agenda of many companies - for good reasons:

Waning expertise and outdated database technology lead to high costs and make it difficult to use modern technology for centralized IT applications. This applies not only to network systems but also to the high-performance IMS database systems.
Increased effort arising through parallel use of various database technologies and additional necessary processes (ETL), and ensuring data consistency, lead to enormous costs. It lacks the flexibility of relational databases for quick, unrestricted accesses to the data. The expertise of the implemented applications written in COBOL and PL/I dwindles as well as the necessary technical expertise of IMS. The connections with new technologies (mobile, cloud, etc.) are difficult.
Though, the obstacles to the replacement of IMS databases and the consolidation of the data are enormous: The mainly business-critical applications have evolved over decades, and are very large and complex. The existing documentation is not suitable for such projects. The modernized applications must be as performant as the original IMS applications.
The modernization of the applications can be automated by using the tools of Delta Software Technology. Delta Software Technology presents a current project taking benefit of the automatic application transformation to replace IBM IMS/DB. Discuss with Delta about safe ways how to preserve the functionality and performance of your applications and switch without risk to relational systems.

Dr. Daniela SchillingOur Presenter

Dr. Daniela Schilling

Daniela Schilling is CEO at Delta Software Technology.

Replacement of IMS databases with Delta

We are looking forward to welcoming you at the next conference of the GSE Working Group "IMS-System Management". You will find all the documents about registration here.

You don’t have time to meet us in Münster? Contact us, we would like explain the concept in a personal conversation.
More information can be found here: "Automatically replacing IBM IMS/DB"

GSE Working Groups

GSE is a non-profit association of companies, organisations and individuals who are involved in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions based on IBM architectures. GSE is an effective forum supporting the needs of today's ICT professional.

For more information on GSE please visit

Please find further information on GSE Working Groups and the meeting agenda here.

Modernization Project at BSQ Bauspar AG

CGI Germany selects Delta Software Technology as partner for the modernization project at BSQ Bauspar AG.

BSQ Bauspar AG plans to migrate its core application package. The project includes also the migration of the complete infrastructure. Particular attention will be paid to the transformation of the database management system IMS/DB to a relational database management system. CGI Germany was chosen as general contractor for this modernization project. Delta will provide the technology for the automated migration.

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REConf 2015Bridging Gaps – Connecting People

The Requirements Engineering Conference has established itself in the German-speaking countries in the field of Requirements Management. The conference covers both the classic requirements management and the agile requirements management approach. It bridges the gap between the classic and the agile world.

  • 2 Days Conference
  • 2 Days Workshops
  • Demonstration of Tools and Support
  • 16th till 19th March 2015, Munich

Christian Bucholdt and Delta present on 18th March 2015 am 13:30 - 14:15 o'clock:

"Tools support for the requirement engineering for the modernization of legacy system – Procedure and Example"

IT systems with origins in the 1980's or even earlier, still form the core of business-critical applications at e.g. banks and insurance companies. The maintenance of these systems still determine a large part of the system development in these companies. Especially the integration of new requirements in the existing system is often associated with considerable effort. At some point, a further development is no longer useful or possible, as the necessary expertise about the application and development techniques used is not available anymore or because current requirements cannot be implemented technologically. For a modernization projects, the question arises how the functionality of the legacy system can be identified and described usefully in requirements in order to assist the development of a new system. The applications are usually very large and complex, so a manual determination of requirements, even with the support of specialist staff, is very expensive and error-prone if possible at all.
Therefore, we propose an approach which focuses on the automated analysis of the legacy system. This analysis identifies the architectural description of the legacy system. Architectural elements are to be determined and classified into a defined architecture concept. This architectural concept is independent of the original and future technologies and therefore easily accessible for new developers. As part of this process, metrics for complexity description of the architecture are determined. So you can using these metrics assess them and decide whether the most complex components to be upgraded first or last.

We present the above process with the example of modernizing macro-based generators aiming at the modernization of these these generator. The process and a first tool development was carried out in the context of the research project AmAVaG, funded by the German Ministry for Education and Research. The concept has been implemented in a prototype during the project and validated using different large IT systems in the financial and the public sector.

Our speakers

Christian BucholdtChristian Bucholdt

Christian Bucholdt is a freelance IT consultant. He contributes the experience from several international projects. Amongst other things he has been strongly involved in the implementation of a tool-platform for the requirement engineering and software development for a large Swiss bank. Currently he manages the IT program for the implementation of international requirements at UBS AG. Mr. Bucholdt also works as a research partner in the AmAVaG project sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Daniela SchillingDaniela Schilling

Daniela Schilling has a doctorate at Paderborn University (2006) with focus on formal software. She worked as a Project Leader by well-known automotive companies from 2006 till 2011. She joined Delta Software in 2011 as a Program Manager “New Technology”. Since 2013 she is CEO.

REConf 2015 with Delta

We are glad to welcome you on the REConf. Discuss with us, how to automatically analyze legacy systems and the represent the results in a language-neutral way.
You don’t have time to meet us at ReConf? Contact us, we would like explain the concept in a personal conversation.

Here are the events at which you can meet Delta and our partner companies. We have also included more general events that we think you will be interested in.
We also have information on current News, Newsletter and Press Releases. The best way to stay up-to-date is to subscribe to our Newsletter.

Events - Overview

GI Workshop „Software-Reengineering & Evolution“

02.-04.05.2018, Bad Honnef, Germany
Live-Demo and Lecture: Understanding and modernization of Legacy Applications

Compuware: Forum for agile mainframe DevOps environments

12.04.2018, Frankfurt, Germany

Delta Lecture on the GSE: 113. z/OS - Guide

14.-16.03.2018, Kassel, Germany
Meeting of Workinggroup "SOSXD zOS/390 (MVS)"
Lecture on “AMELIO: Spring-clean your COBOL- and PL/I Applications – Make your Applications fit for the Future”

IBM: Tage der Anwendungsentwicklung 2018

06.-08.03.2018, Böblingen, Germany

SVA: Mainframe Dayz

23.-23.02.2018, Wiesbaden, Germany

GI-Workshop „Software-Reengineering & Evolution“

08 – 10 May 2017, Bad Honnef, Germany
Lecture: "Understanding COBOL and PL/I Applications Automatically" (in German)

Conference & Lecture: 4th Government IT Modernization

Conference: 26.-28.04.2017 - Washington D.C, USA
Lecture: 28.04.2017 14:15 - 15:00 - "Enabling New Technologies, Reducing Costs and Improving Quality Through Automated Software Modernization"

GSE Spring meeting 2016 – study group IMS System Management - Lecture: "Successful ways to replace IMS databases"

14.-15.04.2016 - LVM, Münster, Allemagne

Developer Day Frankfurt 2016 - Lecture: "Legacy-Modernisation: more than saving costs"

10.-11.03.2016 - Frankfurt, Allemagne

GSE: European Working Group "ADL Guide Herbst 2015"

05.-07.10.2015 - Münster, Allemagne

Die Woche der Anwendungsentwicklung auf IBM System z

24.-26.03.2015, Ehningen, Allemagne

GSE: European Working Group "European Enterprise Modernization for zOS"

24.-26.03.2015, Paris, France

REConf 2015, Bridging Gaps - Connecting People

16.-18.03.2015, Munich, Allemagne




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